Letters to the editor on wind power, federal power, leaving Union, illegal immigration, gorilla kiss

05/16/2014 12:00 AM

05/15/2014 4:06 PM

Rate increases not caused by wind

Westar Energy is seeking yet another rate increase citing increased energy costs as the reason. I find this difficult to understand.

According to all the ads that have flooded the airwaves and mailboxes recently, the primary reason that electric rates have been going up is the renewable portfolio standard (wind). So what has happened – has God placed a surcharge on the wind?

I find it no coincidence that these anti-wind ads were financed by the fossil-fuel industry. It also appears clear that the true primary cause of all these rate increases lies with fossil-fuel consumption – not wind.



Usurped power

The federal government’s only purpose is to protect the union of the states that make up our country. That is why the Constitution places limits on the federal government and its purpose.

“We the people” have allowed our representatives to usurp the powers and sovereignty of the states, and they have lately given their power over to the executive branch. Any law that Congress passes with the phrase “as the secretary shall determine” is a dereliction of duty by our representatives to protect and defend the Constitution, giving the power of lawmaking to the president and his minions.

This trend has to stop. It is not the job of the president or anyone in the administration to pass laws or wield unbridled power to get what they want, regardless of their political leaning. This includes having unfettered appointments to federal courts – especially of justices who look to international law or anything other than our U.S. Constitution to decide constitutionality.

We have created most of these problems ourselves, as we have failed to demand that our children and all citizens have a proper education based on the principles of our Founding Fathers. We should all work tirelessly to defeat the laws the anti-freedom leftists want, and to pass laws that make it easier for us to protect ourselves and ultimately our state.

Please vote this November. Be part of the solution and not the problem.



Leave the Union?

Unfortunately, we in Kansas have elected political leaders who are determined to reverse some of the outcomes of the Civil War. They want to end the union of states – the United States.

They want to give away public resources to private enterprises. Kansas has moved services for the disabled and for low-income people that had been under state control and has now proposed to reject federal administration of Medicare. Funding for Medicaid expansion has been rejected. Public education, the very foundation of a democracy, is being dismantled by directing the taxes (“contributions”) of the rich toward “scholarships” to private schools, and by removing professional status from teachers, who can soon be legally fired at will.

The Kansas Board of Regents has made an embarrassing rule that gives administrative, rather than professional, control over professors’ expressions. Attempts were made to move the appointment of judges from the professional to the political arena.

Add to these acts the refusal of Kansas officials to recognize decisions of the Supreme Court that prohibit the many new laws and regulations meant to limit opportunities to vote, and we see a state bent on leaving the Union, bit by bit.

We are reminded that the U.S. and Kansas measure low on most educational scales.

It is hard to imagine who would like to move into this state, but easy to understand those who have decided to move out.



Immigrate legally

Get off the Border Patrol’s case (“Border Patrol rarely punishes its agents,” May 7 Eagle).

Mexico needs to support its people at home. If they want to become citizens of the United States, they should do so legally.

What would happen if anyone crossed the borders of most European countries illegally?



Gorilla kiss

If you haven’t been to the Sedgwick County Zoo in a while, you’re missing out on a great experience. I took my mother to the zoo last week for a Mother’s Day outing, and we had a wonderful time.

We saw three things I had not seen before – an enormous and stunningly beautiful swan, 17 pelicans (I didn’t know they got that big) and two towering black and white storks. But the best was yet to come at the Downing Gorilla Forest.

A gorilla put his face right at the glass. I put my face up to his at the glass. We were separated by only the thickness of the glass. We stared into each other’s eyes. He puckered up into a gorilla “kiss.” I did the same. I was mesmerized. We stayed like that for probably a full minute. I marveled at his big, beautiful brown eyes and wondered what he was thinking. Then, he turned slightly and spun around and hit the glass with such force I’m sure the noise startled everyone in the exhibit, including me. I was glad the glass was thick and strong.

Thank you to the zoo for an unforgettable day.



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