Letters to the editor on violating the ballot, prayer not required, Kochs, miss car

05/15/2014 12:00 AM

05/14/2014 5:09 PM

Tried to take away my ballot

U.S. Senate candidate Milton Wolf and the tea party both have some good ideas that need to be aired and debated. However, their recent attempts to silence the opposition by political and legal trickery would seem to be an attempt to silence public debate, and leave one to wonder what kind of political or personal issues they do not want discussed (“Panel upholds Sen. Roberts’ re-election bid,” May 13 Eagle). If they had wanted to use their point in the debate, I would have considered it, along with the rest of their positions.

It no longer matters. Wolf and his minions have failed in their attempt to violate my right to consider the positions and to vote for the candidate of my choice, that most sacred and fundamental right of American citizenship. In attempting to take the ballot out of my hand, they have lost my attention, my respect and my vote.



No prayer required

While conservatives laud the recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court as it applies to prayers before public meetings, they would do well to remember the law of unintended consequences. Sure, the Greece, N.Y., town council didn’t blatantly intimidate non-Christians, as Justice Anthony Kennedy opined, but he and many others would be singing a different tune about the freedom to invoke a prayer if, say, a Satanist painted a pentagram on the floor and invoked the blessing of Beelzebub on a council meeting. Suddenly everyone would be clamoring for all religions to stay where they belong – in the privacy of one’s home.

I’ve heard a hundred times that this country was founded on “Christian principles.” But while our founders were invoking the blessing of almighty God, they turned their faces away from slavery and the second-class citizenship to which everyone who wasn’t a white male landowner was relegated. All a community – or a country – needs is men and women of good character and intelligence who are willing to compromise and do what is best for the citizens – no prayer required.



Leave Kochs alone

Why do so many nuts complain about the Koch brothers? I am pleased that they have kept their businesses in Wichita. We have a lot of companies owned by people who won’t live here.

I am an old man. I was born and schooled here. I have never even seen a Koch. Leave the Kochs alone unless you really have something on them.



Miss old Ford

I’d like to buy one of those new Ford automobiles, but my family and age won’t let me. Oh, that 1927 Ford touring car was so much fun!



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