Letters to the editor on East High protest, Soaring Student Awards, Paycheck Fairness Act

05/14/2014 12:00 AM

05/13/2014 5:28 PM

Students’ message was right on

Bravo to Jessica Saysombat and Alexis Banzet (“2 girls suspended from East over protest fliers,” May 10 Eagle). Perhaps the use of a word offensive to some was over the top, but the message was right on.

Squelching the initiative of students to speak out is not very educational, especially when we see worldwide disregard for women’s rights. I think these two young women have leadership qualities to be encouraged, not stifled.



Had big impact

Congratulations to The Eagle and all the sponsors of the Soaring Student Awards (May 11 Eagle). I attended the banquet on Thursday night at Wichita State University. Seeing and hearing from these amazing students gave hope to the future of Wichita or wherever this group of young men and women decide to live.

The sponsors of the Soaring Student Awards might not be aware of the impact on the mind-set of these juniors. My grandson was one of the recipients, and it was pretty impressive to hear his comments (which were like those of other recipients, I’m sure) before and after the awards, as well as after the article in The Eagle.

So, thank you to each person involved in this project. You have had a direct impact on 45 young men and women.



Fire the men?

As I read a commentary on the Paycheck Fairness Act (“All women need is more moxie?” May 11 Opinion), my curiosity turned to why those scoundrel employers that suppress women’s wages don’t do the practical thing and fire all their male employees and replace them with females. That would immediately lower their labor costs, increase their profit and eliminate the charge that they pay men more than women – because they wouldn’t be paying any men.



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