Letters to the editor on Medicaid expansion, sexuality, AFP

05/12/2014 12:00 AM

05/12/2014 5:47 AM

Cancer survivor hurt by politics

Five years ago I got cancer. Nasty cancer. I wasn’t supposed to live, but I did.

You’d think I’d be happy to be alive, and I am, but surviving doesn’t keep me away from life’s obligations.

I’ve been a corporate controller, corporate treasurer. I’ve served on several boards of directors. I’ve been a business owner.

My recovery from cancer cost me my job. I had no income for more than a year. Then I got on early Social Security, and now I’m trying to support my wife and myself on a little more than $900 a month of my Social Security.

Because Kansas did not expand Medicaid, I have no government assistance and have no choice but to leave my wife uninsured. She’s 60. I have enough in savings to get her through one or two things that can be expected at her age.

I’ve been a productive worker for 40-plus years and because of a medical problem, I need some help. I’ve paid taxes that have been used to help others my whole life. Now that I need it, I can’t get it because the political scenario in my state says I can’t get the help I need that I’ve helped provide to others for 40-plus years.

I would like to keep thinking I’m a Republican, but my party is out of control.



Each is unique

It’s a fact of life – every person is different in many ways.

The learning curve begins at birth: Mother is different from Dad; siblings are more different still; boys are different from girls, etc. The expectation that another is just like me dies hard.

Reluctantly, we learn to live with reality – except for human sexuality. We want to believe everyone is heterosexual.

In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Alfred Kinsey released his studies that revealed up to 15 percent of humanity was not heterosexual. He revealed that human sexuality was as various as humanity itself.

In the 1960s, the nonheterosexuals were in open rebellion, demanding recognition, acceptance and the rights to be “different.”

That not all people are heterosexual has become a divisive issue in society, religion and relationships. Accepting the fact that human sexuality is various, like humanity itself, is proving difficult to accept.

But accept it we must. Better yet, celebrate our sexual differences as we have learned to celebrate the variety that is humanity. Each variant has contributed to the uniqueness that is humanity. Every community has profited by the differentness of its members.

Instead of drawing lines of exclusion, let us draw circles of inclusion. As a fellow pastor said, “Every person is unique and unrepeatable.”



Poor performers

I’m beginning to understand the Americans for (Koch) Prosperity business model when it comes to the state of Kansas. To listen to AFP’s governor and two GOP leaders in the Kansas House and Senate, it’s all about making Kansas the go-to state for business. But according to all the studies – even the state’s studies – more businesses are going to Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and Oklahoma than Kansas.

So when AFP’s man in the big house, and man and woman in the little houses, fail to perform – just like managers in one of the Kochs’ plants or businesses – it fires them, right? But not this time. Why is AFP still backing these poor performers?

I think I get it now. This is a take-over-and-bleed-them-dry business proposition – not take them over and make a better product. Americans for (Koch) Prosperity views government as a competitor, and it is eliminating the competition.

Well, the plan is working really well. Another four years and it will have virtually eliminated the competition – including public schools, public roads and public safety.



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