Letters to the editor on Boeing engineering jobs, Joyland’s carousel, Bunting

05/09/2014 12:00 AM

05/08/2014 5:25 PM

Boeing closing an opportunity path

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over Boeing’s plans to move 1,300 engineering jobs from Washington state and California to low-wage, crony-capitalist states such as Alabama and South Carolina (April 30 Business Today), but that’s because I’m not directly affected. I don’t work for Boeing, own stock in it or plan on flying much in the future.

Boeing may be able to replace experienced factory workers with underpaid novices. But engineers are different, and without good engineers Boeing will soon have nothing to sell.

What saddens me about Boeing’s shortsighted move is how it undermines one of few opportunity paths my generation had. My father worked in Boeing’s Wichita factory, and he managed to buy a home, send his kids to college and retire early. I became an engineer and did even better.

But Boeing’s devaluation of engineering work threatens to close that opportunity path. And when young people see there’s no future in engineering, who will keep the technology we depend on working?



Carousel’s value

Regarding “Joyland’s carousel to take new turn at Botanica” (May 7 Local & State): When I was a little kid and later as an adult accompanying younger relatives to the now-defunct Joyland amusement park, my favorite ride, by far, was the old merry-go-round.

My family generally went to Joyland twice a year. My father worked at Cessna Aircraft, and one day each year was designated as a play day for Cessna employees and their families. Our second yearly excursion to Joyland was for the Midian Shrine Temple’s annual Masonic picnic.

The carousel ride is a pleasant, carefree throwback to an innocent bygone age – yet a period of life that in many ways may be superior to today’s myriad of entertainment choices that often have little lasting value. The carousel does have lasting value. And I hope the carousel can be refurbished for future generations to enjoy.



Moderate voice

This is the time for a voice of moderation in the Kansas political scene. Barbara Bunting, candidate for House District 72, is that voice.

She has worked tirelessly as a leader for the Newton school board, has been a longtime advocate for the mentally ill, and has given many hours to her community and her church.

Bunting has a thorough understanding of our state and national constitutions and will consistently follow the system of checks and balances as a member of the Legislature. She will represent all Kansans.

Please vote for Bunting in the Republican primary on Aug. 5.



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