Letters to the editor on boys ranch, Brownback experiment, Benghazi

05/08/2014 12:00 AM

05/07/2014 5:31 PM

State steps back on helping youths

I would like to express my unhappiness regarding decisions the state has made about the funding of Judge James V. Riddel Boys Ranch (May 6 Eagle). I have significant knowledge of the situations that these boys come from and the help that the staff and programs at the ranch provide.

It angers me that our state does not see the value that comes in truly rehabilitating our youths. Placing them in another facility with “plenty of beds” simply will turn each boy into a number in a cell, often a long way from family. This will not provide any hope of creating a better future for these boys.

The state has made a step backward in our ability to help such youths. The state has made it clear that it is only interested in housing them until their time is served.

Corrections officials have traveled from around the country to tour and learn about the programs at the ranch. This is because of the phenomenal job that the staff does at providing help to these boys and rehabilitating them. I am saddened that this is no longer a source of pride for the state and county and, more important, that this is no longer an option for families struggling with their teens.



Suffered greatly

Our state has suffered greatly under Gov. Sam Brownback’s experiment. He refused needed aid from the federal government for Medicaid. Now he’s commandeering Medicare.

He reduced income taxes to the benefit of the wealthy and the detriment of the state coffers – money needed to support our infrastructure, our public servants, etc. Substitute dollars will have to come from somewhere, but not from the rich.

He has undermined teachers and the public education system while channeling support to the private schools. With financial help from Brownback’s powerful cronies, most of the state’s moderate Republicans were eliminated in the past election, thanks to the gullibility of our voters.

In return for all of this, Brownback promised a resurrection of jobs and prosperity here in Kansas, a promise woefully unfulfilled. Much damage has been done. Public, you get another chance in November. This time ignore the hyped media rhetoric. Use your common sense.



Covered it up

There is not a conspiracy with Benghazi. The question all Americans should be asking themselves: Why did former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and other Obama administration officials insist on telling the American people that the Benghazi attack was because of an Internet video when they knew from the beginning it was another terrorist attack against America, this one on foreign soil?

The reason seems fairly clear. American troops had found and killed Osama bin Laden and supposedly al-Qaida was on the run. Administration officials had convinced America and the world that al-Qaida would not strike again, and they seemed to know a terrorist attack so close to an election could lead to a bad outcome for a sitting president. It seems from the very beginning they realized this, so they chose to cast blame on everyone except themselves.

Whether Benjamin Rhodes, deputy national security adviser, can admit it or not with the recently surfaced e-mails, the entire incident was a failure of foreign policy. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama failed when it came to keeping the Americans who were posted at Benghazi safe, and then they chose to cover it up by lying to the American people.



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