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May 3, 2014

Letters to the editor on GOP denying accountability, workplace safety, Bunting, heaven, confession

So it’s President Obama who is responsible for the shortfall of millions of dollars in Kansas income taxes – according to the Republican governor and Republican Legislature (May 1 Eagle). And the president did it in the two weeks since the state revenue estimates.

Kansas GOP denying any accountability

So it’s President Obama who is responsible for the shortfall of millions of dollars in Kansas income taxes – according to the Republican governor and Republican Legislature (May 1 Eagle). And the president did it in the two weeks since the state revenue estimates.

When the Kansas Republicans deny any accountability for the revenue mess it is time for them all to go packing. The citizens of Kansas deserve better.



Workplaces are safer

Bruce Tunnell of the Kansas AFL-CIO said that 50,000 workers die each year from health and safety hazards on the job, and he then blamed corporations and Republicans for blocking safety measures (“Keep work safe,” April 28 Letters to the Editor). But according to OSHA.gov, the latest statistics from 2012 show 4,383 workers died from accidents on the job site. It also states that deaths on the job site are down 65 percent since 1970, from 38 per day to 12 per day. That’s a far cry from Tunnell’s 150-per-day proclamation.

Tunnell may claim that a lot of workers die later on in life from something that happened on the job site, but until the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a way of measuring that, we have to disregard such a claim.

The unions will do anything to discredit management, and making them responsible for 50,000 deaths a year probably seemed like a good strategy to them. Good try.

Corporations would be committing financial suicide by purposely letting their workers get injured. The cost of workmen’s compensation is already sky-high. To purposely let their experience ratings go up from more job site accidents would be insane.

The fact is, over the years OSHA and management have done a reasonable job of lowering job site deaths and accidents. Many companies have full-time safety officers, most workmen’s compensation insurers have safety trainers, and many workers are receiving mandatory safety training (paid for by their employers).



Vote for Bunting

Kansas House candidate Barbara Bunting and I met during a grant-writing seminar at Wichita State University. Creating grant applications is a process I abhor to this day. Bunting, on the other hand, possessed the organizational skills and discipline to be successful in this endeavor.

From 2004 to 2011, as marketing and community relations manager for Newton Medical Center, I was involved in several of the same community organizations as Bunting. I was impressed with her proven leadership skills, especially those required to create consensus.

I recently relocated to Newton from Wichita, where I was represented quite well in the Kansas Senate by moderate former Sen. Jean Schodorf. I know that Bunting shares Schodorf’s ability to listen to constituents and represent their best interests, regardless of the “idiot-ology” now so prevalent in Topeka.

I soon will be eligible to vote in Harvey County (if I can still find my birth certificate from 1944). My support goes to Barbara Bunting for House District 72.



Going wrong way

Regarding “Gay, Christian author seeks a dialogue” (April 22 Eagle): What if Matthew Vines is as far off as Fred Phelps was in his spin on the Scriptures? Each would go to great lengths to make a dubious point.

What if “Heaven Is for Real,” as Colton and Todd Burpo affirm? Would you really want to risk missing it? What if there is also punishment for sin then? Would you really want to risk learning the hard way? If there isn’t, why would Jesus Christ warn so many times about it and why would He die the way He did to save us?

Many have been convinced of these things after seeing people die with fear and panic while others died with great expectations and rejoicing. Many people don’t want to go the wrong way; they just want to go their way.



Why we confess

I was deeply troubled by the article “Catholics see confession in a new light” (April 26 Faith & Values). A person may de-emphasize teaching gravity, but if you jump, you are going to fall.

This Sacrament, which reconciles us with God, is also called Penance. A person may emphasize joy in place of guilt, but we confess our sins because we have offended God and one another. The church minimally requires yearly reception of this Sacrament in order to remain in the state of grace, but you are more likely to remain there when you confess more frequently.

Church teaching about what the quoted priest called “hell and things of that nature” has not changed, regardless of who is emphasizing what. The priest is standing “in persona Christi.” You are confessing to God, in the way that Jesus Christ instituted. If you are not in the state of grace when you die, you risk going to that very hell that church leaders are now so reluctant to speak clearly about.



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