Letters to the editor on sandy roads, protecting wildlife, AFP ad

04/03/2014 12:00 AM

04/02/2014 6:03 PM

Shame on public works department

While running some errands Saturday morning, I saw an elderly man with a broom and a shovel cleaning sand off a sidewalk and bridge. I presume the sand got there after it was spread during the most recent snowstorm. Three hours later I drove by again, and he was still out there cleaning. He must have cleaned a half mile of sidewalk, including two bridges.

Employees of the Wichita Public Works and Utilities Department should be utterly ashamed of themselves for letting an elderly person do their job. They make a mess and expect the public to clean it up.

Frankly, I don’t know why they even use sand. Sand causes more accidents than it prevents, and it never gets cleaned off the sidewalks.



Protect wildlife

Regarding “Wildlife, conservation bills stir strong feelings” (March 31 Eagle): Should anyone be surprised that the Legislature is planning to decimate the last of what’s left of the state’s beautiful wildlife? Senate Bill 276, Senate Bill 323 and House Bill 2118 prove once and for all what is important to our elected officials.

Legislators have shown the voters that they don’t care about the schools or the students. They have shown the voters that they don’t care about the poor, the sick or the mentally ill. Now they show the voters that they don’t care about the wildlife that makes this great state so unique.

What is most important to the Legislature? Helping wealthy people become more wealthy.

As voters we must show the Legislature what we think of its decisions that affect us, our children and the welfare of our fine state. Legislators need to keep in mind that passage of these bills would bring lawsuits that would cost Kansas taxpayers millions of dollars, only to end in defeat.

But that should not be the only reason that members of the Senate and House should let these bills die. How about letting them die because it’s the right thing to do?



Misleading ad

Americans for Prosperity is at it again. Its latest television ad leads the listener to believe the past 15 energy increases are the fault of the state’s renewable portfolio standard. But the Kansas Corporation Commission has stated that since the RPS was initiated, only 1.6 percent of energy increases can be attributed to the standard. AFP wants us to believe it is much higher.

The Koch brothers certainly do not like renewable sources of energy. That would cut into their vast profits. So they use AFP to craft carefully worded ads to attempt to convince voters to reject the standard so they can continue to hold America captive to their expensive and nonrenewable source of energy – oil.

We deserve clear facts, not deception. If AFP can’t tell the truth, then it should stay off the airwaves.



Delivery help

I just love a blustery Monday morning. My carrier drops the newspaper at the end of my driveway, and the wind blows it right up to my front porch.



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