Letters to the editor on slots bill, Shockers

03/31/2014 12:00 AM

03/28/2014 6:03 PM

Right to vote on slots doesn’t exist

I wish to clear up any confusion The Eagle editorial board created in its March 27 editorial “Slots bill anti-democratic.” While accusing the Kansas Senate of being “anti-democratic,” the editorial then confirmed that no one is losing a right to vote on expanded gambling because a right does not exist.

The Kansas Expanded Lottery Act only authorized one election within 180 days of the effective date of the act. The act did not authorize more than one vote, and it clearly indicated that if the one-time election did not pass, there would be no gaming at that location. When Sedgwick County voters voted “no,” it effectively closed the door on further elections under state law.

When a state-owned casino was placed in Sumner County, the state assumed a vested interest in whether additional gambling facilities would be in direct competition with the casino. Though the editorial was accurate that no voter has a right to vote for expanded gambling, the state does have an interest and authority in gambling expansion.

House Bill 2125 simply affirms the will of Sedgwick County voters while exercising the state’s authority to determine where and under what circumstances gambling exists in Kansas.


District 87


Negating liberty

Talk to people you know, and they will tell you they are in favor of liberty. Ask them if a person should be able to make his own decisions, and they will emphatically give you an affirmative response. Yet many of those who loudly pose as defenders of freedom and people’s right to decide their own futures work for measures that destroy these foundations.

The Kansas Senate’s recent approval of a bill to prevent Sedgwick County from voting on gambling until 2032 is a perfect example of social legislation negating our freedom and the right of the voters to decide on issues. The Eagle editorial board accurately described it as “anti-democratic.” I would also describe it as anti-liberty.

These self-appointed guardians of our social norms are once again attempting to protect us from ourselves. In doing so, they are destroying the freedoms we greatly value.

The hypocrisy displayed by many legislators is overwhelming. They preach liberty on one side but their actions are dictatorial, forcibly interfering in the lives of other people. It does not matter what their motives or intentions are. The fact is that they are advocating and creating legislation that leads to the negation of liberty.



More to block

Let’s work on this gambling bill that is currently in the Statehouse and has been passed by the Senate (March 26 Eagle). Add some amendments to it, such as:

•  Let’s not let anyone vote on anything we do until 2032.
•  If you are a minority in Kansas, you cannot vote until 2032.
•  If you are a liberal thinker, then you also cannot vote until 2032.
•  If you are older than 45, we will cancel your ability to vote, as you will probably be dead by 2032 anyway.

With the current administration in place in this state, we have enough of a cross to bear. We don’t need any additional fodder spread by our legislators to make us look like we are a few bricks short of a load.



Unifying season

After reading many wonderful comments about our city’s Wichita State University Shockers and staff, I wanted to add my own thoughts. From the time the season started, there was an excitement created in Wichita like I have never seen before. I wore black and gold when I was out shopping or even going to church. People stopped me and talked about how proud they were of our hometown team.

Despite differences in religion, race, education and economical values, we came together to agree on one thing. Thank you, coach Gregg Marshall and the entire staff and team, for unifying our city for a season that made us all so proud of you.

See you next year for another memorable year.


Bel Aire

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