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March 28, 2014

Letters to the editor on global warming, legalizing pot, Shockers

By some trick of fate, I came across a copy of The Eagle this week. I live in the Cotswolds area in England.

Help save planet, secure water supply

By some trick of fate, I came across a copy of The Eagle this week. I live in the Cotswolds area in England.

Some years ago, following concerns about global warming, European governments decided to levy a special tax on gasoline. This not only helps to fund better transportation systems, but it is also used to counter climate change by encouraging the use of public transport rather than automobiles – thereby reducing the carbon dioxide that pollutes the atmosphere.

It would be a win-win to reduce vehicle emissions, secure funding for Wichita’s water supply and provide some money to stabilize your city’s transit system. A better transit system means that people are happier to swap their cars for public transport.

I realize this is not a measure you can do in isolation, but maybe it’s worth thinking about. In Europe we are now used to paying more than $10 per gallon, so maybe $4 per gallon in Wichita wouldn’t seem too much.

Swapping gasoline for water may even be an election winner.


Amberley, England

Don’t legalize pot

I hope that marijuana won’t be legalized in Kansas (March 4 Eagle). Marijuana not only can cause some health issues, it can raise the rate of criminal behaviors.

Even if the state only legalized medical marijuana, it would open up more opportunities for the wrong people to get their hands on it.



Proud of Shockers

The Wichita State University Shockers more than proved they were worthy of their No. 2 national ranking this season and of their No. 1 seed going into the NCAA Tournament by going toe-to-toe with the Kentucky Wildcats.

Coach Gregg Marshall and his terrific staff of assistant coaches didn’t just guide this outstanding team of players through their on-the-court battles. Marshall and staff prepared this team and players for life.

Having played sports and small college ball, I’ve had my fair share of good and bad coaches and have played on teams with some talented athletes. Accomplishing the things this team did – going 35-1 and never cracking under the huge amount of pressure and media blitz – is absolutely amazing.

I got sick of hearing about the weak conference schedule being why the Shockers were unbeaten. What a bunch of nonsense. I don’t care if they were playing in a YMCA league – to go out and play and win every single game in the fashion they did is not an easy task.

I’m so proud of these young men and what they accomplished this season, both on and off the court. Go, Shocks.



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