Letters to the editor on renewable energy, Shockers

03/27/2014 12:00 AM

03/26/2014 5:21 PM

Wind, sun will outlast mankind

Regarding “Bill would nix renewable energy rules” (March 21 Local & State). Not only did our legislators try to kill the renewable portfolio standard law, but they did it by amending a completely unrelated bill. This followed a series of misleading ads hinting that any energy-rate increases during the past several years were caused by renewable energy.

The law required utility companies to have 15 percent renewables by 2015 and 20 percent by 2020. Lawmakers say, “We already met the first part. Isn’t that enough?” Imagine if your child said, “I already did half my homework. Isn’t that enough?”

I ask myself: How can they oppose “free, endless energy” when all other sources have a limited, dwindling supply? It’s like voting against baseball and Mom’s apple pie.

I know the lawmakers are beholden to big oil, which has supported them for many years, but don’t they have any grandchildren? The population of the world has about tripled since I was born, and each soul living today consumes vastly more of its natural resources than our ancestors did.

We can go on searching and “fracking” and scarring our Earth, but the energy supply is finite. The wind and the sun will outlast mankind.

I spend a lot of time feeling sorry for what we are leaving for my grandchildren.



Whose interests?

Poll data released this year showed that 91 percent of Kansans support renewable energy. There must have been a huge outpouring of demand for the Senate to pass a bill to eliminate the law requiring utilities to generate 20 percent renewable energy by 2020. So overwhelming was the demand that senators proudly hid this bit of legislation in a bill that had nothing to do with energy (“Bill would nix renewable energy rules,” March 21 Local & State).

Were the 91 percent of Kansans polled sick of the clean energy providing jobs and billions of dollars of investment in the state? They must have heard about the coal-ash spills throughout America and thought that Kansans were missing out on all that pollution and wasting billions of dollars to buy Wyoming coal and consume billions of gallons of water each year. Our Senate must think Wyoming is foolish to invest $8 billion in wind energy that will be exported to California.

Thank goodness our legislators are much more forward-thinking than Wyoming and listened to the 91 percent who must have demanded this action by legislators, who couldn’t have possibly been swayed by lobbyist dollars from the dirty-energy crowd. It would be as if they were corrupted by dirty money and not really interested in serving the interests of the people.



Amazing season

I can’t wait to watch Cleanthony Early in the NBA, as well as the rest of these Shockers in the years to come. What a great group of guys. What an amazing season. I am flying my flag until the wind tears it to shreds.



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