Letters to the editor on Common Core standards, airport renaming

03/07/2014 12:00 AM

03/06/2014 5:33 PM

Don’t interfere with Common Core

The Legislature seems to be going down a yellow brick road and encountering some paths with roadblocks. The Senate killed the House-passed religious freedom bill. The spanking bill didn’t survive. But there is still more deserving of a roadblock. The Senate has passed a bill that would make it a felony for federal wildlife agents to do their job in protecting some prairie chickens.

Another bill is just as silly but hugely damaging to our state. House Bill 2621 would end Common Core standards for math, English and science in our public schools. At recent hearings, there were parents who spoke in favor of the bill. Those who opposed the bill included Kansas Education Commissioner Diane DeBacker, teachers, principals, superintendents and professors.

Although it is not federally mandated, Common Core has been adopted, at least in part, by all but four states. It has been strongly promoted by President Obama, which likely was enough to create substantial opposition in Kansas.

Rep. Willie Dove, R-Bonner Springs, said Common Core was was being pushed by the federal government. “That’s what we’re really concerned about,” he said. Previously, he was quoted saying, “I haven’t seen the actual content of the Common Core.”



Rescind vote

Regarding “Mid-Continent renamed in honor of Eisenhower” (March 5 Eagle): How can our City Council members be so stupid to spend $140,000 to rename the airport? They don’t know where the money will come from, but they’re going to spend it anyway. As an individual, if I don’t have the money I don’t spend it.

What makes it worse is that there is no sense in spending this money. It is Mid-Continent Airport. That is what we will call it even if they foolishly spend our money and change the name.

Ever go to St. Francis Hospital or Henry Levitt Arena? Use those names when telling people where you are going, and they absolutely know where you will be going. I am sure these two entities spent big bucks to change the names, but people still refer to them by their commonly known names.

So, Wichita City Council: Wise up and rescind your vote and save the taxpayers of Wichita $140,000, and fly out of Mid-Continent Airport.



Wrong priority

If a local radio station starts a drive to eliminate homelessness in Wichita, costing thousands of scarce tax dollars, will the City Council also jump on that bandwagon?

We have dedicated city employees on layoff, we have “privatized” city work, we are not filling open jobs in the city offices – all in the name of saving scarce tax dollars. Yet we will now spend thousands of tax dollars on a meaningless name change for the airport. Why?



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