Letters to the editor on puppy mills, Snowden, church and state, Israel, Reid, Nugent, hospice

03/01/2014 12:00 AM

02/28/2014 6:28 PM

Stop the threat of puppy mills

It is high time we start supporting our animal shelters by stopping the threat of puppy mills and by ensuring shelters don’t have an increase in license fees. From personal experience working at two different shelters, I have seen the effects of puppy mills in the animals brought in and the numbers relinquished.

It is imperative that breeders – yes, licensed breeders – be inspected yearly and shut down if they are unable to meet the standards. These are living, feeling animals that should not be subject to the whims and greed of people. We need to support the inspection of breeding facilities and support our shelters by not increasing the burden they take on by adding more fees. They are the ones trying to clean up the messes made by unscrupulous breeders and irresponsible owners.



Feel safe now?

“High-tech gadgetry helped drug kingpin remain free” (Feb. 27 Eagle) showed how dangerous it is to pretend that National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden is anything other than a traitor. Other kingpins and high-tech snoops are using every means they can find to know as much as they can about us, and Snowden is making it easier.

We argue with each other about who is listening to our conversations. Meanwhile, people like Joaquin Guzman – who moved freely internationally with the help of his own security force while his drug empire was thriving – laugh as we yell at our security agencies not to monitor our BlackBerrys. Guzman eluded capture this way for 10 years. Feel safe now?



Keep separate

Legislators in Topeka are clueless about dealing with problems in Kansas. They have figured out several ways to make things worse, though. Gov. Sam Brownback has, too.

If there is any “ideology” (Feb. 22 Opinion Line) shared by everyone opposed to Christians influencing legislation, it is a dedication to the constitutionality of law and the preservation of separation of church and state. That is the heart of many issues today – and something that many state legislators have forgotten or choose to ignore.

America’s basis of freedom of religion also means freedom from religiously based legislation.



Not up to Israel

The writer of “Israel’s moment” (Feb. 20 Letters to the Editor) made a point that was rather diplomatic but very unrealistic. Since the war of 1967, Syria has refused to sign the peace treaty, and for this reason Israel has the Golan Heights. Israel is a small country and cannot (should not) absorb refugees from Syria for security reasons.

My belief is that no matter what Israel does, it will be stabbed in the back by the Arab world. Let the neighboring Muslim countries take care of the refugees from Syria.



Reid my lips

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., issued some pretty harsh criticism (Feb. 28 WE Blog excerpts). The Koch family developed the modern method for refining crude oil into gasoline, and Koch Industries currently employs more than 60,000 people. If that’s “un-American,” then perhaps Reid should elaborate. Government-mandated health insurance and destroying the U.S. economy seem far more “American” to his liberal mind.



Broken promise

What happened with former rock star Ted Nugent? “If Barack Obama becomes the president in November again,” Nugent said in April 2012, “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” Why hasn’t one of those things happened?



Lives protected

One of God’s commandments forbids a person killing another person – which means you cannot kill another person and the other person cannot kill you. If followed, the commandment means you and the other person are free to live.

The same is true for the commandments that forbid stealing and lying, etc. For example: If I can’t steal from you, you can’t steal from me.

When the commandments are followed, people are protected and live in freedom.



Hospice appreciated

Residents of Wichita are so fortunate to live in a community that offers hospice care for our families. My mother was a recipient of compassionate care at the end of her life. Good Shepherd Hospice staff provided services that went above and beyond to support not only her but our whole family. I want to publicly thank all hospice care workers. Your mission is appreciated. The work you do is tremendous.



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