Letters to the editor on school-funding ruling, appointing judges, neighborhood watch

02/27/2014 12:00 AM

02/26/2014 5:44 PM

Where’s ruling on school funding?

What is going on with the Kansas Supreme Court? Why does it continue to stall on the school-funding ruling? Are the justices so cowed by Gov. Sam Brownback and his cronies that they can no longer perform their jobs? Our kids deserve better.



Show evidence

A legislator made derogatory claims about the process of appointing judges (“Legislator claims court selection is ‘predetermined,’” Feb. 10 WE Blog excerpts). Rep. Travis Couture-Lovelady, R-Palco, suggested that the nominating commission stacks the deck with two unqualified candidates and one well-qualified but – gasp – liberal candidate, thereby forcing the governor to pick the so-called liberal. Based on what evidence? I would like to see when these instances occurred and who was involved.

As a registered Republican, I’m tired of politicians throwing out these kind of comments without evidence. We’re all supposed to believe it because a Republican told us so – or because it was on Fox News or Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said it. Where are the facts to back up these vilifying, nasty and somewhat absurd comments?

Specifics are needed before we override the state constitution.



System works

I received a call on my cellphone recently from a neighbor telling me that a vehicle I had left parked in my driveway was now sitting in the street in front of my house. She then told me that there were several Wichita police officers all over my property.

I immediately returned home to find her scenario completely accurate. As it happened, three young men had tried to steal the vehicle without success and were captured and arrested.

The reason for this quick action was that in my neighborhood, we know our neighbors. We know their comings and goings as well as their common practices with what they own. The neighbor who called 911 knew that I was not home. She knew that I probably would not have given my permission to anyone, especially a couple of teenagers, to drive my vehicle, and she reacted immediately. When she observed the activity she “called the police,” just as the sign on the corner says we will do.

Wichita police officers then responded without delay in sufficient numbers to deal with the situation. They scattered out and apprehended the would-be thieves before they could get out of the neighborhood.

The system works if used as intended. If we are looking for a helping hand in securing our neighborhoods, we each must look only to the end our arms.



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