Letters to the editor on education funding, voter ID, abusive agency

02/26/2014 12:00 AM

02/25/2014 5:59 PM

Lawmakers should visit classrooms

I offer a solution for curing the punchy and distracted nature of our Kansas lawmakers (“Need to realign priorities,” Feb. 23 Eagle Editorial). It is simply for each of them to visit a public school classroom in their home district soon.

Investing an hour in witnessing the energy, curiosity, creativity and achievement within a learning environment can do wonders. Who knows what dividends may be reaped for all involved? I would hope that a reconnection between legislator and community would be one payoff.

I’m confident any school district superintendent would gladly roll out the red carpet on short notice.



Hard to get ID

People regularly voice how easy it is to get an ID or birth certificate, and conclude that anyone who can’t must be illegal or lazy. Well, when my dad and I recently were at a driver’s license office, an elderly man next to us was trying to get an ID so he could get a visa to travel. He had a stack of papers documenting his military career and all past expired driver’s licenses and IDs. He was born in a small town and was never issued a birth certificate.

The man and his daughter had been trying all year to get all the right documentation. Even though the employees were bending over backward trying to help the guy, they couldn’t get past the legal requirements.

The look of despair on this man’s face is something my dad and I will never forget.

As this poor guy, clutching his cane, started walking off, his daughter said to him, “I guess we’ll have to figure out how to get you a birth certificate.” He replied, “By then I’ll be dead.”

This man made a career out of defending our country only to be defeated by the very people for whom he was willing to sacrifice his life.



Abusive agency

How can we have abuse of Kansas citizens by state government agencies, and have it go uncorrected? How does this happen when we have a wonderful free press like The Eagle, a good conservative Republican Legislature, a good Democratic minority that cares for the little guy, and a governor who wants equitable and efficient government?

The Kansas Real Estate Commission, a state agency, is censoring and punishing Kansas citizens (real-estate licensees) by making law or reinterpreting a law passed in 1997. Realty School of Kansas, a business I have owned for 40 years, is being put out of business because the commission is denying reapproval of courses based on a ruse issue regarding “vicarious liability.” This effectively will deny real-estate licensees the full information needed to make informed decisions about their own risk management.

This action would appear to be retribution, as Realty School of Kansas has helped several Kansas citizens with this issue by teaching the law that was passed in 1997. The commissioners remain silent behind closed doors.



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