Letters to the editor on the poor, moderate Republicans, homeless deaths, basketball challenge

01/13/2014 12:00 AM

01/10/2014 5:09 PM

Thanks for support of challenge

A huge “thank you” to all of the students, families, fans and sponsors that supported the Greater Wichita Athletic League versus the Ark Valley Chisholm Trail League Pizza Hut/Taco Bell Basketball Challenge. Eighteen schools participated in the challenge, allowing our student athletes to be part of a fun competition that featured the best high school basketball in the state.

The students were excited to have an opportunity to play basketball at Wichita State University’s Charles Koch Arena – the home of the Shockers. I want to thank the families and the fans who came from Wichita and the surrounding communities to cheer on their teams and support our student athletes.

I also want to thank WSU for being a great host for the event and to thank all the sponsors who helped make the challenge possible, including Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Midwest Kia, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and all the other sponsors too numerous to mention.

We look forward to another amazing basketball challenge next year.


USD 259 athletic director

GWAL executive director


Not my fault

Danielle C. Belton was correct when she said, “America has always been a tough country if you’re starting from zero” (“Will the war on poor people continue in 2014?” Jan. 2 Opinion). Yet I can’t think of any other country where it’s easier for someone to start with virtually nothing and become successful.

In this country it’s still possible for those who are in poverty to raise themselves to the highest levels of our society through due diligence and effort on their part. No, it’s not easy, but it can be done.

There have always been poor people, and I suspect there always will be. To suggest that this is somehow the fault of those who are not poor or of the government is ridiculous. Just because I have something that someone else might want doesn’t mean I took it from him, nor that I am somehow preventing him from obtaining it on his own if he wants it.

With the myriad of job and financial crises over the past five to 10 years, you would think that Belton and those of her ilk would have recognized by now that our government, particularly Congress, is incompetent and incapable of banding together to get America “back to work.” That’s not its job – it never has been – and that’s why it stinks at it.

To say the new poor are just as despised as the old poor is just plain wrong. I don’t know anyone who despises the poor.

But if someone else is broke, how it that my fault?


Valley Center

Better options

Explaining how “well-known middle-of-the-road Republicans will support Democrat Paul Davis in the Kansas governor’s race,” Dave Helling wrote that “Republicans can’t bring themselves to become Democrats” (“Who are the real RINOs?” Dec. 19 Opinion).

Yes, moderate Republicans could become Democrats if they’re going to vote for Davis, but what’s the advantage? By remaining Republicans, they have it both ways: They can vote against Republican tea partiers in the primary and for Davis in the general.

Rather than out of party loyalty or the fear of being labeled a RINO, as Helling contended, Republicans may stick with their party because it gives them better options.



How many die?

Out of more than 600 homeless locally, 10 died in 2013 (“Avoid more deaths,” Jan. 5 Eagle Editorial). That’s a terrible statistic. By the way, out of 600 ordinary citizens, how many could be expected to die in a year’s time?



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