Letters to the editor on living wage, Obama, proving citizenship, ‘candy bomber’

01/03/2014 12:00 AM

01/02/2014 5:18 PM

People deserve to earn living wage

Contrary to what a letter suggested, income equality does not involve everyone in an economy working for the same wage (“Inequality not bad,” Dec. 22 Letters to the Editor). Income inequality occurs when the highest-earning people in the country see their salaries triple over three decades while the lowest-earning workers see virtually zero wage growth over that same period of time, once inflation is factored in.

Minimum-wage jobs were not intended to be careers. Unfortunately, these low-paying jobs employ tens of millions of people, and no matter how hard they work, tens of millions of people will remain in these jobs because there are not nearly enough better jobs available.

In Wichita alone, we have thousands of fast-food workers. No matter how hard they work, or how hard they search, thousands of people with families to support will be forced to work in these jobs, because we do not have enough higher-paying jobs in our economy. If you employ people, you owe them a living wage.

Amazingly, the people who are against higher wages are also against government assistance. Our taxes are not subsidizing the low-income worker. Our taxes are subsidizing the corporations that refuse to pay decent wages.



What kind of man?

Syndicated columnist Thomas Sowell recently scraped the veneer off President Obama and laid bare the reality behind the man who five years ago was judged only by his image and rhetoric instead of his accomplishments. Sowell asked:

“What kind of man would blithely disrupt the medical care of millions of Americans, and then repeatedly lie to them with glib assurances that they could keep their doctors or health insurance if they wanted to?”

“What kind of man would set up a system in which people would be forced by law to risk their life savings, because they had to divulge their financial identification numbers to strangers who could turn out to be convicted felons?”

What kind of man sworn to uphold the Constitution would reduce us all from free citizens to cowed subjects “whom the federal government can order around in our own personal lives, in defiance of the 10th Amendment and all the other protections of our freedom in the Constitution of the United States”?

I would add: What kind of man assumes the office of the presidency and amuses himself so much along the way that he knows nothing of what his subordinates may do? Can anyone in his position be so unaware and yet still expect the full faith and credit of those who elected him?


Rose Hill

Great aspirations

Regarding “Doesn’t know much” (Dec. 29 Letters to the Editor): Our president had great aspirations for our country. The American people could see that and voted for him twice.

He knew that the economy was in terrible shape. Look where we are now. The jobs and housing situations have improved greatly. The stock market has soared.

He wanted all Americans to have health care. It’s happening in spite of all the negative people and “do-nothing” Congress.

He wants to improve the lives of our less fortunate. He and his wife are trying to improve the health of our obese children. We have the best homeland security ever. Only the guilty need worry about that.

If the president gets a better and more involved Congress and the American people begin to realize what he is trying to accomplish for us, President Obama will go down in history as one of our greatest presidents.



Right to demand

With all the liberal whining about providing proof of citizenship to vote, consider this: If a person had to prove his citizenship to obtain welfare payments or participate in the food-stamp program, do you suppose there would be a problem securing this legitimacy? Our secretary of state has every right to demand this.



Bomber my hero

I turned on KPTS, Channel 8, recently to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. How happy I am I did this.

Besides the beautiful Christmas music, the program featured a World War II hero, Gail Halvorsen. But the name he was given by the German children was the “candy bomber.”

In 1949, the Berlin Airlift was going on. My hometown had to be supplied with food flown in by plane, as the Russians blocked the roads into Berlin. My town would have been starving if not for the Berlin Airlift.

But this military flier came up with the idea of using small parachutes to drop candy from the plane onto the streets of Berlin. It was moving for me to see this man and to remember that I found a parachute with candy tied to it as I walked down the street of West Berlin. I was 15 then and not too proud to pick it up and eat it.

Many children who grew up like I did in Berlin after the war were grateful to him for his kind heart.

It was nice for me to meet the candy bomber, even if it was only by seeing him on TV. I cried as I looked at his smiling face.

Now if I could only find the soldier who handed me a Hershey bar in the old church in Berlin that first Christmas after the war. Then I would have met another one of my childhood heroes. But I guess this will not happen.



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