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December 28, 2013

Letters to the editor on medical marijuana, traditional marriage, abortion protest, voter fraud

Every day parents give their children medications for seizures. These medications may harm our children, but this is the only hope they have of stopping the seizures.

Could marijuana help treat seizures?

Every day parents give their children medications for seizures. These medications may harm our children, but this is the only hope they have of stopping the seizures.

Colorado and other states are using marijuana. It seems to be stopping seizures. I’m interested in where this could lead. I’m more interested in why doctors in Kansas aren’t trying to do something about this.

No one wants to break the law to help their children, but it is hard to sit back and do nothing while you hear the stories of other children. You want that story to be about your child, too. You want to feel you are doing the best you can to help your child.

Are the children in Kansas missing out on a great opportunity just because they live in Kansas? Can someone explain this to me?



Up for grabs

Marriage in America is now up for grabs. Anyone wishing to get in on a government-provided giveaway can just sue to be granted a “marriage” status. This can only end by the abolishment of any advantage being granted to married families.

The traditional family – defined as a father, mother and children – is the basis for any healthy nation. It perpetuates the race; provides the best and most lasting basis for healthy emotional development; provides the basis for a solid, well-educated workforce; and is a driving reason for men to be willing to leave home in defense of the nation. These and many more direct benefits are well-documented in history as well as many modern studies.

Anything that diminishes the traditional family is a direct threat to the health and well-being of any nation. Because of this, most advanced nations have laws in support of the family. This is even reflected in our tax code as an effort to provide financial support to families. The current trend to open up marriage to any group of individuals is not only directly destructive of the family unit but also threatens to eliminate any and all meaningful financial support the government has provided to these families.

An argument against alternative marriage is not based on any dislike of these individuals. It is based on the idea of continuing to provide social and financial support to traditional families for the betterment of society as a whole.


Rose Hill

Publicity stunt

Regarding “Didn’t harass” (Dec. 18 Letters to the Editor): The day was miserably cold, yet a congressman neglected his duties in Washington, D.C., to join children from across Kansas to pray outside the South Wind Women’s Center. Can they not do this in their own town, church or school?

This was a publicity stunt for the congressman, and the children were used by him. The men and women doing business at the clinic were there for various reasons – not necessarily abortion. None of the reasons was any of the protesters’ business. And who are these children to judge them? They have no idea when they themselves might need the services offered at South Wind, which often becomes the case.

As for the group of pro-choice folks acting with humor and noise: Perhaps they were offended that the protesters were praying to remove their right of choice.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, did not represent all the people of Kansas.

Please leave medical business to the doctors and take the prayers to your church and your god. Separation is a fine thing in this case.



Fraud claims baloney

Regarding “Voting a privilege” (Dec. 21 Letters to the Editor): This whole thing about fraudulent voting is baloney. It’s another ploy by the Republican Party to limit Democratic voting. If the Republicans can’t win an election fair and square, they’ll try anything to deter Democrats from voting, such as by requiring birth certificates, shortening early voting periods, having fewer voting machines at the polls, not allowing registration on Election Day, and trying to limit college students’ voting from out of state. You name it – anything to stop heavy Democratic turnout.

If there is any voter fraud, it’s Republicans doing anything they can to stop the constitutional right of a Democrat to vote.

My dad was born in Victoria, Texas, before birth certificates were recorded. He voted in Kansas for more than 50 years. Under Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s self-serving interests, he would be unable to register and vote because he couldn’t prove he was born in the United States.

Conservatives who put this guy in office apparently don’t care what they’re paying him for. He spends his time working for Arizona, Florida and any Southern states that are trying to stop voters from exercising their constitutional right to vote. Conservatives would better spend their money giving it to the poor.



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