Letters to the editor on volunteerism, war on Christmas, good-deed angel, Krauthammer, airport name

12/27/2013 12:00 AM

12/26/2013 5:57 PM

Make Kansas tops in volunteerism

The Corporation for National and Community Service ranked Kansas fourth in the country in term of volunteerism (Dec. 23 Kansas Views). This volunteerism is partly due to the support by the media, particularly The Eagle.

Every organization needs help of all kinds, such as office work, transportation and attending meetings. For example, I’m the current president of the Kansas Authors Club. Our board members come from far-off places such as Coffeyville and Colby to attend board meetings in Wichita. Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers for various committees. Volunteers play an important role in a hospital.

Indeed, every person has the ability to volunteer in one way or the other. Include “to volunteer” in New Year’s resolutions and hope that next time Kansas will be ranked first in volunteerism.



Air Capital Airport

If we’re going to rename the new airport, why not capitalize on Wichita’s strength rather than give away our identity to someone who never contributed to the city? Build on the brand that was started decades ago. Call it the “Air Capital Airport.”



Show goodwill

Talk-show host Bill O’Reilly and other talking heads are still trying to stir up a controversy about a war on Christmas when no controversy actually exists. The malls are decorated with Christmas ornamentation. TV shows have included Christmas programs. Many houses are lighted for this season. Communities erect festive decorations. There are parades, and there are Christmas trees at the White House and the U.S. Capitol.

What some people cannot wrap their mind around is the notion of God. There are those who see origin in God, and those who see origin in a big bang. What came before either one? We cannot wrap our minds around either notion with scientific proof.

What we can do is wrap our hearts around the Christmas season with its notions of peace, goodwill, charity, compassion, tolerance, acceptance and inclusiveness. What we can do is allow our hearts to embrace family, friendships and a community that goes beyond the limits of our city, state or nation.

To participate in the spirit of the season, even when we may not accept the reason for the season hinging upon a singular person or event, is a worthwhile endeavor. Doing so may allow us to embrace those who hold views other than our own with a sense of acceptance and goodwill toward others.



Good-deed angel

I want to thank the lady who very kindly paid for my dinner at the Town and Country restaurant in west Wichita this week. My waitress gave me the good news as she delivered the food I’d ordered. My good-deed angel had already left, but she couldn’t have known that this has been a trying week with a flooded basement.

We have great people who live here.



Tells it like it is

I want to thank The Eagle for including the wisdom, insight and ability to tell it like it is of syndicated columnist Charles Kraut-hammer. He projects the outcome of current actions and takes a positive moral stance with values that are timeless. This is somewhat different from columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., who does have some good comments but is still wearing discrimination glasses that color the majority of what he says.



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