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December 25, 2013

Letters to the editor on Santa Claus, unselfish police officers, Kraemer’s firing

On Friday I wore jeans, a flannel shirt and red suspenders to work. Being somewhat rotund, I’m into comfortable.

Santa Claus is alive and well

On Friday I wore jeans, a flannel shirt and red suspenders to work. Being somewhat rotund, I’m into comfortable.

About mid-morning, a man came to my office with his son, who was 7. As the man was paying a bill, the boy kept looking at me, and after a while he came into my office. He came around my desk and stood beside me. We talked a little bit and he reached out and rubbed my shirtsleeve and felt my suspenders. He then asked me: “Mister, are you Santa Claus?” I’m glad I had some cookies and candy to send home with him.

I posted this on Facebook, and one of my friends commented that it was wonderful to see that children still believe in Santa Claus. I wish everyone could have seen the little boy’s eyes and the intensity of his gaze.

Santa Claus is alive and well, and I’ll be ready next year. Gonna buy me a Santa suit. Merry Christmas!



Unselfish officers

Some Wichita police officers go beyond their normal duties to do some good.

Sgt. Kenneth Kimble organizes a special Christmas dinner for less-fortunate families. Officers transport families to a restaurant, where the dining room is decorated and tables are set to receive them. Afterward, Santa arrives and delivers toys and gifts to each child, identifying them by name.

I witnessed this joyous event for three families several years ago and had an opportunity to mingle with planners and families. I observed officers chatting about the joy they felt while shopping for toys and gifts. The officers spent their own money and time to make these children and families happy.

The officers and Santa seemed to exude a sense of satisfaction as the dining room filled with happiness and children with new toys and gifts. One mother summed it up tearfully, saying this was the first time she and her children had been in police presence for something that was positive for them.

This event is a fantastically unselfish undertaking that highlights the goodness of some members of the Wichita Police Department.


Virginia Beach, Va.

Honest slipup

KSN, Channel 3, recently dismissed weekend anchor Justin Kraemer for errantly saying a foul word on the air (Dec. 18 Eagle). Subsequently, he was also passed over for another job for the same slip (Dec. 20 Eagle). Though using this sort of language in a professional setting is unacceptable, it was obvious that Kraemer didn’t realize his microphone was still on, and he wasn’t knowingly trying to offend anyone.

I think it’s time we ask ourselves: When are we going to grow up as a society? Do we all really want to live in a world where a guy can get sent packing from town to town in the worst economy of our lifetimes for letting slip a four-letter word, something that happens to the vast majority of us from time to time?

Channels today are filled with no-talent ingrates who perform whatever lewd and depraved actions they can think of to generate “buzz,” and “news” programs filled with anything and everything but actual news. Can we grow up as a society yet?

Should Kraemer have been suspended for what he said? Probably. But fired?

How about we show more tolerance for human beings who make honest slipups and less tolerance for the no-talent buzz meisters and their enablers in the “news media”?



Hire Kraemer

Let’s encourage our other TV stations, especially KAKE, Channel 10, to pick up the contract of fired KSN, Channel 3, reporter Justin Kraemer and bring their news personnel into the current century. They could then retire the sleep-inducing senior citizens currently on staff.

Besides, we don’t need Wichita’s name added to the laughingstock list started by comments made by a “Duck Dynasty” individual. Please, act now.



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