Concealed-carry not a threat

12/23/2013 6:02 PM

12/23/2013 6:02 PM

I have read news articles and letters to the editor expressing concern over the concealed-carry changes that allow licensed individuals to carry in more government-owned buildings. I believe that those concerns are misplaced and that the perceived threat from concealed-carry is greatly overstated.

Those of us who are licensed to carry understand the consequences of using a weapon, even in self-defense, and hope that we do not ever have to resort to shooting someone. But we have made the decision to protect ourselves and our families rather than allow ourselves to be victims.

Most concealed-carry licensees knew how to handle a gun before taking the required licensing class, which covers all of the legal trouble one can acquire by using a gun. Most of us also understand the need for additional training and have taken more classes and had more range time than most law enforcement officers get through their respective agencies. That still does not qualify a concealed-carry licensee to do the job of a police officer, nor do we want to be put in that position.

Law enforcement does an outstanding job of catching and prosecuting criminals after a crime is committed. What it cannot do is be everywhere at all times in order to prevent a crime or to protect individuals from criminals. Regardless of the response time to a 911 call, it is usually too late to keep the crime from happening, as trouble has already started or there would not have been a call. That is why we have chosen to get licensed and trained to carry a gun.

If we cannot avoid, retreat or run, then we are prepared to defend ourselves and our families – and even those who don’t think we should be carrying a gun.



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