Letters to the editor on Chinese investors, algebra, Cal Thomas, Eagle award winners

12/24/2013 12:00 AM

12/23/2013 6:01 PM

Heed Lennon on Chinese investment

I read about Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer wishing to receive public input on the possibility of Chinese investment in Wichita and its public works (Dec. 19 Eagle). In this matter, I believe the first, last and only word can be found in the words of the great poet and philosopher John Lennon:

“If you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t going to make it with anyone anyhow.”

That says it all, I think.



Algebra useful

The Eagle published a quote from Kansas State Board of Education member Ken Willard stating that he did not know anyone who uses Algebra II in their daily life (Dec. 15 WE Blog excerpts). He apparently used this as an argument for reducing educational standards. This concerns me.

I doubt Willard’s statement is true. I use algebra, trigonometry and calculus to make financial decisions and design home improvements, but I rarely mention this to the people I meet. I suspect many of Willard’s acquaintances do the same.

Also, people can’t use knowledge they do not possess. That does not mean the knowledge is of no use. It is far more common that a person does not have knowledge that would be useful to him than that a person has knowledge that is of no use to him.



Broaden horizon

I’ve read with interest Cal Thomas’ columns in The Eagle. One recurring theme is that all those parasites on welfare or food stamps should get off their duffs and get an education or, at the very least, find a job. He argues that the ever-expanding national debt is due to these programs.

While reading his columns, I’ve surmised that this successful journalist surely must have come from a background of poverty, and that his conviction concerning these “government takers” was derived from personal experience. So I was a bit surprised to learn that Thomas grew up in a household with two maids. To his credit, he eventually realized these African-Americans were the victims of society. But even so, he stands before his lofty lectern reserved for the privileged class and preaches of personal responsibility and accountability for those mired in poverty.

Thomas needs to broaden his horizon a bit further. He should sit at the table of the poor guy who just got laid off and can’t pay his mortgage or feed his kids without government assistance.



Honors deserved

Sincere congratulations to Eagle photographer Jaime Green for winning the 2013 Associated Press-Kansas Photo of the Year (Dec. 19 Local & State). Green is an outstanding photographer whose broad landscape of work speaks for itself.

Readers may not know that Eagle aviation writer Molly McMillin was recently honored by the National Business Aviation Association for her writing about the industry. She received the prestigious Gold Wing Award, presented annually by the NBAA for “excellent, accurate and insightful reporting on issues related to business aviation.”

Not only does McMillin regularly provide Eagle readers with news and features about people, events and activities important to our community, she is also highly respected by her journalistic peers, as well as corporate and association leaders in aviation internationally.

The Eagle is indeed fortunate to have these two highly skilled professional women on its staff.



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