Letters to the editor on FBI entrapment, promoting fathers, state tax cuts

12/17/2013 12:00 AM

12/16/2013 5:56 PM

FBI is inventing terrorists

A downside of the reduction in the nationwide crime rate is that the FBI is inventing terrorists it subsequently apprehends so that the FBI looks good and we feel safe (“Airport plot months in making,” Dec. 14 Eagle).

The FBI has a pattern of seeking out naive, harmless, disaffected individuals and using them to orchestrate a “crime.” A naive community, including the media that report but do not critique the total situation, helps make the sham successful.

Terry Lee Loewen has been entrapped along with the others in these phony plots: the Washington, D.C., Metro; the New York City subway; Chicago’s Sears Tower; the Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Ore.; a Cleveland bridge; the Federal Reserve Bank in New York; and the incident last May in Minnesota.

This is not a war that protects us from terrorists. It is the fabrication of a war by our government that exploits vulnerable citizens.



Promote fathers

The Eagle published a picture of Kansas Senate Majority Leader Terry Bruce, R-Hutchinson, with a big article about his plan to toughen the Hard 50 sentencing law (Dec. 6 Local & State). I want to know if he has a plan to get fathers back in the family so they can take care of their children, eliminating the need to lock men away in prison and saving taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

The National Fatherhood Initiative teaches that 70 percent of all long-term hard-core inmates grew up without a dad. Just this past May, a Catholic sister told me that when she served as chaplain in a Texas prison for 11 years, none of those prisoners knew who his father was.

State Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau, D-Wichita, introduced a bill in the Legislature to fund a statewide fatherhood promotion campaign, like other states have. I look forward to learning what Bruce proposes.



Forgive them

Lord, in the spirit of the holidays, please forgive Gov. Sam Brownback and his Republican rubber-stamp Legislature for working to repeal nearly half of state revenue. The loss of revenue from income-tax cuts already passed is estimated to total about $3.8 billion over six years. These tax cuts will conveniently create reasons to slash more entitlement programs and force the working poor, the children, the disabled and the elderly to live under even more intolerable conditions. Lord, please forgive them, for they know not what they do.



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