Letters to the editor on Mandela, NSA, Carr brothers, plastic guns, food stamps, kind strangers

12/14/2013 12:00 AM

12/13/2013 5:24 PM

Study Mandela’s life; make world better

Former South African President Nelson Mandela not only achieved greatness, he inspired others to live lives of self-discipline and love for those who could be easily despised.

Early in his life, he organized people to oppose the immensely cruel, racist apartheid system of his country. He was rewarded with 27 years of confinement.

An ordinary person would let that transform him into a vengeful, retaliation-focused victim driven to destroy the kind of people who had sent him there. Instead, Mandela forgave them and inspired people of his land to practice reconciliation with those who, out of fear, created and demanded the suppression and oppression of minorities.

His success in accomplishing true reconciliation earned him the Nobel Peace Prize and praise from throughout the world.

It’s a bit late for me, now that I am in my seventh decade, but I challenge spunky young people to study his life and to go forth to live as much as possible as he did. You will make the world a better place.



Share with Israel?

The Eagle updated us last week on the extent of National Security Agency spying (Dec. 5 Eagle). The NSA records the locations of cellphones 5 billion times a day. That is a lot.

My question is this: Does all this data get sent to Israel, as we know much other NSA data does (“NSA shares unfiltered intelligence with Israel,” Sept. 12 Eagle)? If so, why?



Carrs not suffering

The Carr brothers committed torture and rape and murdered five strangers, and they attempted to murder another (“Carr brothers’ appeals set for Tue.,” Dec. 12 Local & State). They were convicted of these crimes and jailed, 13 years ago. And no one is safe.

Since then, they haven’t had to rent a room, apply for a job or pay for their food, clothing or medical care. This has all been provided them. They have been warmed in the winter and cooled in the summer. For their many crimes against six strangers, all they have suffered so far is their loss of liberty and the right to vote.



Glad for gun ban

I am glad Congress renewed the all-plastic gun ban. People should not have the option to print off a gun from their computer using a 3-D printer. This allows anyone to have a gun without restrictions. Even though the weapon is expensive to make and could be ineffective, it still poses several threats to schools and the public in general.

Although 3-D printers are a great tool for making useful items, they can be used and abused for the wrong purposes by the wrong people.

If you really want a gun, you should go buy one and not print it off of your computer.



Food alternative

My college class students were discussing their frustrations concerning the food-stamp abuses and felt there should be another way to take care of the needy and not allow the various abuses in the program to continue. I told them that I remembered when there was a way to distribute commodities and staples to people who had to be assisted.

County courthouses used to distribute food without food stamps. It appeared only the people who truly needed help went to pick up wholesome bulk food, not pop or prepared food. There apparently was little or no abuse in this system. No one could trade stamps for tobacco or other nonessential food items.

We came up with the simple solution to place distribution houses in various locations in communities. Start with small cities to get the system in practice and correct any shortcomings before going to larger communities such as Wichita or Kansas City.

No food stamps, wholesome staples, no graft, easier qualification of the needy, better control of inventory and reduced costs for food items, since much of it will be in bulk. The cost for this program would certainly be much less than that of the current, corrupt government program. The class felt that only truly needy people would show up to obtain this benefit. Much of the labor could be neighborhood involvement. It’s worth a try.



Secret Santas

We would very much like to thank a couple of secret Santas who paid for our dinner a few days ago at Neighbors restaurant at 21st and Amidon. We really appreciated their thoughtfulness. We will honor them by passing it forward. We wish a very blessed Christmas to these two kind strangers.



Merry gentleman

To the gentleman who paid for my groceries at Walmart Neighborhood Market near Twin Lakes: Thank you and God be with you.



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