Letters to the editor on Black Friday, ACA, evolution, small businesses, school lunches

12/06/2013 5:07 PM

12/06/2013 5:07 PM

Thanksgiving should be spent with family

I am all for the whole Black Friday shopping thing. It is the Black Friday shopping on Thursday that I don’t like.

The Thursday before Black Friday is Thanksgiving, and I believe that families should be spending this time with their families rather than spending money. The fact that stores keep opening earlier each year displeases me. This recent holiday of deals and spending is starting to encroach on a very important holiday that our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, proclaimed a national day of Thanksgiving 150 years ago.

I agreed with the marketing manager of the local Cabela’s, Brad Harting, when he said that Thanksgiving should be spent with family. I do appreciate and respect that Cabela’s isn’t open on Thanksgiving, and because of that it just gained another customer.



ACA not affordable

“Affordable health care” is an oxymoron, and especially so when associated with the federal government.

As people are finding out, the Affordable Care Act is not so affordable now and will be even less so in the future.

Any program the government undertakes soon spirals out of control and ends up costing much more than originally projected. This one will be no different.

Unfortunately, the ACA may be just the thing to tip the balance and bring about financial collapse of the government and the country. As concerned citizens, we need to be aware of this danger and work toward getting the government out of the health care business and out of our private lives.

Radically changing the members of Congress and the White House seems to me to be the best way to accomplish this goal.

Voters should be well-informed and careful in their choices in the elections of 2014 and 2016.



Christianity, evolution

I have been deeply saddened to read the advertisements in The Eagle for the sermon series by pastors Terry Fox and Joe Wright condemning evolution. These advertisements only serve to further the myth that orthodox Christian beliefs cannot stand in the face of scientific fact, that the work of hundreds of years of scientific discovery by millions of scientists must be false for Christianity to be true. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The revealed truth about nature provided by science is completely compatible with orthodox, evangelical Christian tradition. It is ridiculous to argue that the tremendous effort of so many highly trained scientists is nonsense that can easily be overthrown by the paltry arguments these men present.

As well-intentioned as these pastors are, they are doing tremendous harm to the very religion they are attempting to defend. Many of the children in their own church will someday attend colleges where they may study subjects such as astronomy, biology and geology and come face-to-face with the indisputable facts starkly contradicting what these men have been preaching. When they do, they will at the very least ask themselves: “What else has the church been lying to me about?” At worst, they will turn away from Christianity entirely.

Such efforts also undermine the credibility of the church in the eyes of the world. That’s a tragedy, as the world around us desperately needs the Truth that these men would otherwise preach, the hope that the Gospel of Jesus alone can provide.



Back small business

I was delighted to read “Nov. 30 a day to support local small business” (Nov. 23 Local & State). I have always loved small businesses, and I was excited to see an article promoting them. With the shorter shopping season this year, I am sure the small businesses can use any promotional help they can get.

I always have supported small businesses because of their warmth, friendliness, personal feel and direct effect on the local economy. My older brother plans to eventually open his own small soda shop here in Wichita.

I hope to see support for small businesses continue and see Small Business Saturday continue well into the years when my brother is a small-business owner.



Healthier lunches

Kids all over the United States have become obese due to lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. They don’t understand the outcome this can have on their bodies until it is too late. I have been practicing a healthier lifestyle for a few years now, and it has had a positive result on my body.

It is fabulous that schools across the country are transitioning to a healthier cafeteria. The new meal standards they designed will improve the health of nearly 32 million children.

Wheat over white, greens over sweets, homegrown over factory-made. If all schools made this transition, then life for these students would be so much better overall.



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