Letters to the editor on Amtrak expansion, bats, Paul Walker

12/06/2013 12:00 AM

12/05/2013 4:16 PM

Get aboard Amtrak expansion

A letter writer told about her vacation train ride to Florida (“Amtrak is great way to travel,” Nov. 18 Letters to the Editor). She said that traveling by train provides a much more relaxed atmosphere than flying and is a great way to see the countryside.

There is universal agreement on the third option of the Amtrak feasibility study. It provides for two daytime stops in Arkansas City, Wichita, Newton, Emporia, Topeka, Lawrence and Kansas City, Mo.

Cities along the route in Oklahoma averaged $4 million in expanded economic activity after the train’s arrival.

Let’s push for Gov. Sam Brownback to include funding in his budget recommendations to the 2014 legislative session, and for him to execute an interstate agreement with Oklahoma. The Legislature cannot do this.

All aboard, governor.



Bats no threat

I was disappointed with some of the language used in the article “Curtis Middle School trying to oust bat colony” (Nov. 15 Eagle) . It is true that bats roosting in classrooms is something that needs to be addressed. However, bats are fascinating and highly advanced animals that play an integral role in the ecosystems of our planet. Many North American bat species are severely threatened by white-nose syndrome, which has decimated entire populations of bats.

All species of bats in North America are entirely insectivorous and pose no threat to mankind. In fact they are extremely beneficial. The article used prejudicially negative words and phrases. These included “creepily,” “disturbing and distracting oddity,” “nuisance,” “pest control” and “infestation.” I hope that these bats were released into the wild after they were removed from the school building.

People who appreciate and care for the natural world see a world under constant assault by the actions of the human race. They also see a society that increasingly raises its children with a worldview that the natural world is a hostile place that is threatening and disgusting.

The Eagle has always had exceptional coverage of Kansas wildlife and related issues. I am to some degree overreacting to the language used in this article, but I would have appreciated a less negative tone.



Walker missed

I’m a fan of the “Fast and Furious” movies, and I’ve grown attached to the actors who do such a great job and work so hard to create great entertainment for us.

Paul Walker’s death was tragic (Dec. 1 Eagle). I think it’s going to be heartbreaking to watch him in his yet-to-be-released movies. I also want to know how they are going to continue making the last movie of the “Fast and Furious” series.

How can you continue without him? Kill off his character? It just won’t be the same.



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