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November 27, 2013

Letters to the editor on government spending, food stamp cuts, robot teachers, Comcare grant

Once again this Thanksgiving, we can be grateful we do not get all the government we pay for. What we do get is bad enough.

Can’t continue what we’re doing

Once again this Thanksgiving, we can be grateful we do not get all the government we pay for. What we do get is bad enough.

The National Transportation Safety Board expects to take six to 12 months to complete its investigation of the landing of the Boeing cargo jet at Jabara Airport (Nov. 22 Eagle). Presumably, the flight crew made a mistake. Perhaps others made mistakes. We all make mistakes. Now the federal government will compound the mistakes with a prolonged study at taxpayer expense.

Earlier this month in Chicago, I had the privilege of hearing Eugene Fama, who was recently awarded the Nobel Prize in economics. He reminded about 50 of us of the simple but profound truth that the massive amount of government spending will ultimately be paid through either taxes or inflation. Inflation is the silent and subtle financial enemy. The Federal Reserve continues its policy of financial repression, which benefits the huge borrower (the U.S. government) at the expense of savers. Wall Street also benefits while Main Street pays the price.

While we do not get all the government we pay for, we cannot afford to continue what we are doing.



Cuts harm families

When a concerned parent asks advice of a psychologist, school counselor, principal or teacher, the first question usually asked is: “Have there been any changes at home?” This inquiry suggests the emotional fragility of young children.

If the answer to this question is, “My child has been going to bed hungry,” does this not highlight the desperate situation of honest, hardworking parents who rely on food stamps and assistance to create healthy living environments for their children?

Gov. Sam Brownback and our state legislators need to understand the huge, often irreparable, impact their budget cuts are having on families who are doing their best to feed, clothe and support their children. Not all people on assistance programs are slackers.



Let robots teach

Since the school board tells teachers what to teach, how to teach it and when to teach it, why doesn’t the board simply program robots to do the job? Then it could train monitors, or hire police, to enforce good behavior with the kids. A lot of money could be saved by not having to hire teachers with college degrees.

I wrote this as sarcasm, but then it occurred to me that something similar to the suggestion may actually happen in the future.



Crossed the line

With the brouhaha about Comcare/Affordable Care Act navigators (Nov. 20 Local & State), the pigheaded obstructionism of Sedgwick County Commissioners Karl Peterjohn and Richard Ranzau has crossed the line to actively working against the people of Sedgwick County. That would seem to be grounds for impeachment, or whatever our equivalent is.



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