Letters to the editor on compromise, golf course geese, Clapp clubhouse, Schodorf

11/14/2013 12:00 AM

11/13/2013 5:22 PM

Compromise key to life, democracy

Regarding “Simple principles permit freedom” (Nov. 7 Letters to the Editor): Any relationship of human beings from two to millions demands listening, debate, negotiation and compromise. Yes, principles are essential, as they form the basis of debate and negotiation. Yet the implication that compromise is a dirty word, to be shunned by anyone with even a modicum of principle, belies respect for others and freedom itself.

Intransigence, whether based on principle or whim, renders any relationship, at any level – from personal, familial or national – virtually impossible and renders us just a clump of individuals. Democracy requires debate and compromise to achieve a degree of balance and stability for the common good.

Conversely, as the letter writer alluded, compromise to the extent of abandoning principles becomes a liquification of our structure. So we must find a balance point – sufficient compromise to enable progress, maintain stability and encourage innovation, while standing up for the principles we hold dear. At the end of the day, principle cannot be an excuse for intransigence.



No more geese

Earlier this year I wrote a complaining letter to The Eagle about the goose invasion of MacDonald Golf Course, which made it a messy and unhealthy place to play due to the massive amounts of goose poop. I just played the course this past Friday and didn’t see a single goose. My hat is off to the bright person who implemented the use of decoy coyotes at various places on the course, which evidently scares the geese away. Seems as though the Wichita Parks and Recreation Department does listen and takes appropriate action when a problem is brought to light. My fellow golfers and I say thanks.

And while I’m at it, thanks for listening to city golfers about the proposed closing of Clapp Golf Course last year. In fact, the Clapp clubhouse has been refurbished and the bathrooms look great. I hope that the city manager, his staff, council members and the citizens of Wichita never again forget that, unlike regular parks, dog parks and other recreation facilities, golf courses pay their own way.



Great clubhouse

Congratulations to the Wichita Park Board members and Wichita City Council members on the great job of updating the clubhouse at Clapp Golf Course. Also, many thanks to many other people who helped make this possible.



Schodorf will win

Democrat Jean Schodorf will win in a walk in next year’s Kansas secretary of state election – that is if the GOP incumbent, Kris Kobach, will let us vote.



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