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November 12, 2013

Letters to the editor on Century II, Obamacare, NFL bully

Any thoughts of razing Century II are ludicrous (Oct. 29 Eagle). It stands as an icon of our considerable architectural and artistic heritage.

Century II should be cherished

Any thoughts of razing Century II are ludicrous (Oct. 29 Eagle). It stands as an icon of our considerable architectural and artistic heritage.

Century II’s main architect was Wichitan John Hickman, who studied with Frank Lloyd Wright in the late 1940s. Hickman’s tuition was paid by former Kansas Gov. Henry J. Allen, who built the only Wright-designed home in Kansas.

Associate architect on Century II was Roy Varenhorst of Conway Springs, who also studied with Wright. Howard Ellington, the executive director of the Allen-Lambe House Museum and Study Center, studied with Wright apprentice Curtis Besinger at the University of Kansas and was involved in the design of the Mary Jane Teall Theatre portion of Century II.

Century II’s heritage as a performance venue is unmatched, with many memorable Wichita Symphony Orchestra, Music Theatre of Wichita, Wichita Grand Opera and Wichita Jazz Festival events, along with great road shows and concerts by the world’s greatest artists of all genres.

There is available land adjacent to Century II and the Hyatt Regency Wichita that could be developed for competitive convention facilities. With Kansas’ only two Frank Lloyd Wright buildings located in Wichita (the other being Wichita State University’s Corbin Education Center) and our strong associations with Wright’s legacy, Century II should be cherished, maintained and exploited for its architectural and artistic heritage.



Not healthy

I visit inmates in the Sedgwick County Jail as part of a church ministry. To gain entry to the downtown facility, I must pass through a metal detector and be screened by two armed guards. My time with prisoners is – as you see on TV – spent looking through security glass and talking on phones.

In a recent visit to our local Social Security office in northeast Wichita, I was surprised to find a similar setup. I was screened by security guards (three this time) and told to pass through a metal detector. I also discovered that the civil servants there work behind protective glass. When Social Security became law in 1935, I am certain no one envisioned metal detectors, guards and bulletproof glass.

The new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) currently contains laws and regulations totaling more than 11 million words. As bureaucrats interpret and apply this mountainous mishmash, almost 15 times longer than the Bible, to life-and-death decisions, can you imagine the level of security that will be required?

Metal detectors, armed guards, protective glass and a law as thick as 15 Bibles will soon separate us from our doctors. Does any of this sound remotely healthy to you?



End bullying

There is absolutely no place in society for bullying – not in professional sports, the corporate world or schools. The things that are being reported that NFL player Richie Incognito subjected teammate Jonathan Martin to took bullying to a whole new level (Nov. 5 Sports).

There are reports of extortion and disturbing, threatening and racial voice mails and texts that Martin saved. I think Martin handled things in the proper way, exposing the bully for the person he truly is and not fighting him, as many suggested he should have done.

It is very sad when a person tries to make another person feel worthless, helpless or hopeless. No one asks to be bullied, and no one deserves it.

People who bully come in all shapes and sizes. Their class, race or gender doesn’t matter; a bully can be anyone. Bullying is a nationwide epidemic that can and does happen on all levels. It’s time to put an end to it.



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