Letters to the editor on not compromising, hurting disabled, drug price shock, open Thanksgiving, voter fraud

11/07/2013 12:00 AM

11/06/2013 5:23 PM

Simple principles permit freedom

The continuous media blather about splits in the Republican Party between those with principles and those without them (a supposedly laudable willingness to continuously compromise their “principles”) shows how lost the American conscience has become and how clueless it is when it comes to freedom.

Talk to the heads of enough households (and family counselors) and you will quickly discover that their primary job is not “ordering the lives” of their members but rather “keeping order” so that the lives of their members can unfold according to individual motivations and desires. Is this done with a cradle-to-grave bureaucracy of rules, regulations and manipulations suspended in continuous redefinition through compromise as needs and opportunities change? No.

Successful households run on a few simple and inviolable principles that have stood the test of time and on which one can rely. This atmosphere strengthens individual freedom and cultivates personal responsibility among all the members, which makes the family stronger, not weaker.

I am so tired of the empty talk from people who think that compromise somehow strengthens social bonds. Listening is good and thinking is good, and even changing your mind is OK. But all compromise does is breed contempt for principles. People (especially immature people) need a few simple, rigid principles if they are to grow in freedom and responsibility.



Hurting disabled

The mentally and physically disabled man I have helped care for the past 13 years has had his social services cut dramatically in the past year. He is not doing nearly as well as when he had daily home health visits to perform assessments, give him his breathing treatments, and make sure he was taking his medications. Now, the nurse is only allowed one visit per week. His home- and community-based services also have been cut, which also has a negative impact on his quality of life.

I suppose I could stop advocating for his independence and transition him to a more expensive option for the state by placing him in a nursing home. But that would most likely cause him further decline, due to the fact that he would be so unhappy if he were forced to give up his independence.

Good job, Gov. Sam Brownback. You’ve cut spending at the expense of our most vulnerable Kansan citizens who require these social services the most.



Drug price shock

I called my department store pharmacy to get a refill on my asthma medication. It was one of the medications that had been available for $4 for a one-month supply or $10 for a three-month supply as a generic. I did not run it through my insurance and paid it out of pocket.

The next day I received a call from my pharmacy letting me know that the cash price was now $1,025 for a three-month supply, 270 tablets. Wow.

The pharmacist did not know that I have insurance, which reduced the price to a $15 co-pay on generics for only a 30-day supply. So basically I would be paying $45 for a prescription that last April I had filled for $10.

I called a big box store pharmacy. I was told it still had the medication for $4 for one month or $10 for three months, and that it would gladly fill the prescription for me. Guess who has my business now?

I am not sure what is occurring, but this is outrageous. Perhaps the pharmacies are getting ready for the implementation of the new health care law, realizing that they can make more money now that everyone is expected to have insurance.

Having been a nurse for more than 30 years, I see no sense in this – nor in the new health care plan.



Greedy merchants

Kmart plans to open its doors Thanksgiving morning and stay open until late the next night. Thanksgiving, you remember, used to be a day when families gathered to share in a time of togetherness.

Kmart isn’t the only greed merchant. The almighty dollar has taken the place of “family.” Is it any wonder that families all over the United States are falling apart because corporate America does all it can to disrupt family time together?

Granted, there are some jobs that cannot observe any holiday. Hospital staff, nursing home staff, military, police and firefighters all have 24/7 jobs. But they are caregivers and protectors; they are not trying to garner shoppers’ dollars.

So Kmart, Walmart and all the others: Here is one wallet that will not open on Thanksgiving Day. I hope others will take a stand against this corporate greed, too.



Fraud detected?

I frequently see views and opinions that say there have only been a small number of fraudulent votes detected, so there isn’t a problem. Are these statistics or just figures?

How was this fraud detected, and how comprehensive are the detection methods? Should we just assume that there weren’t fraudulent votes that were undetected?

I guess the only certain method of knowing would be to add the confirmed legal votes to the detected fraudulent votes and see if they add up to the total votes cast. But I suppose nobody wants to go through that much trouble.



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