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November 2, 2013

Letters to the editor on website problems, GOP bullies, religious foundation, shame signs, DMV employees, fine newspaper

I am disturbed by the disinformation being circulated with regard to the Obamacare website. Let me explain.

Website problems not merely ‘glitches’

I am disturbed by the disinformation being circulated with regard to the Obamacare website. Let me explain.

I am a 25-year military officer with another 20 years in government contracting. I have seen dozens of governmental software rollouts. Most are unsuccessful for four reasons: The contract was awarded for reasons other than technical competence; the government requirements were vague, leading to a faulty specification; government change orders continually disrupted the software development; and schedule slips either curtailed or eliminated beta testing.

From what I understand, all were present in the Obamacare rollout.

“Glitches,” as the Obamacare problems have been described, mean problems that can be overcome by work-arounds but require a software patch for optimization. The program works and is usable but has not been optimized.

When the program simply does not work, patches are not an option. A complete overhaul/restart is required. Fielding a workable program for Obamacare will take years and cost billions. To believe otherwise is pure folly.



Stand up to bullies

President Obama and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius need to stand strong together, in defiance of their very vocal opponents. Their staunch, steadfast leadership is needed in our country.

The average citizen needs to see leaders who will stand up to the bullies who are accosting them. Those mouthy antagonists are using this time as a bully pulpit to get the attention of their own constituents and get free advertising to further their re-election next year.

The biggest disgrace and shame is relegated to our Kansas members of Congress. Rather than be proud of a very astute, intelligent lady from their state, they display disrespect for a fellow Kansan on the national scene. Their thinking reflects the true intent of jealousy – tear one down to your level of inadequacy.

As for the Affordable Care Act: Once the sign-up problems are rectified, it will help our citizens, not only in Kansas but across the nation. There are already states where health care coverage is activated. And if Republicans remember, that was one of Mitt Romney’s selling points in his presidential campaign.

So cut out the harping, the active campaigning. Show the citizens of America and the world that ours is a great and wonderful country of dignified discussions and solutions.


Garden Plain

Good foundation

Anything of lasting duration has to have one thing for sure: a good foundation. Buildings have them, homes have them, and even nations have them.

The United States had a good one at one time. It was “In God We Trust.” God’s Ten Commandments were on the walls of our public schools. His voice was heard in the hearts of our children in the public schools throughout the United States when prayer was allowed in school.

The fear of God ruled our hearts. We actually believed what the Bible said, that what we did here on Earth would be judged by God after we died. We believed in a literal heaven and a literal hell. That belief caused us to live lives of moral virtue, duty and honor, knowing that one day we, the created, would meet our Creator.

Then at some point we changed our foundation from trusting in God to trusting in ourselves. Now in our public schools, secular humanism reigns and God is no longer tolerated.

Watch “My Hope America” with Billy Graham at 7 p.m. Thursday on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

America needs Jesus.



Why the shame?

What’s with the big banners around town outside various businesses saying, “Shame on . . .”? They appear to be manned by bored individuals and refer to labor disputes, but fail to mention what each dispute is or identify what alleged union they represent. Are they not “proud to be union”?



DMV courteous

On Oct. 25, I went with my wife to the Twin Lakes driver’s license office to renew her license. The workers could not have been more courteous, helpful and considerate. We thank them for a pleasant experience.



Fine newspaper

Congratulations on the timely daily delivery of a very good newspaper. The Eagle covers the news extremely well – local, regional, state, national and world items of importance and interest.

When I compare the Sunday Eagle to the Sunday edition of the Kansas City Star, The Eagle wins hands down. It has many more interesting and informational news articles and editorials and fewer advertisements than the Star. The Eagle does not appear to be biased, but broad-minded and fair. Thanks for doing such a good job of giving us a fine newspaper to enjoy.



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