Letters to the editor on congressional perks, GOP, comics

10/23/2013 12:00 AM

10/22/2013 5:34 PM

Ideas for reducing national debt

I would like to suggest some ideas for reducing the national debt. I am certain they will not be considered by the members of Congress. However, I think they would be a good start.

No more “Cadillac” health care for the members of Congress.

No more pie-in-the-sky retirement program when they retire.

No more franking privileges.

No more free travel.

No more “fancy Dan” gym and health club provided for members of Congress. They can join the YMCA or a similar program.

No more voting themselves an increase in salary. Any salary increase should not exceed the increase that is provided for those receiving retirement benefits from Social Security.

They should be paid only for the days they are at work.

Would these actions eliminate the national debt? No, but they would make a lot of us feel better.

You may say, “If these changes were to be enacted, we wouldn’t get the same kind of people in Congress that we have now.” And I would say, “What other good news do you have for me?”



Don’t trust GOP

In the past few months, Republicans have proved their inability to govern. There are three reasons to stop trusting them.

The most important reason is that they were unable to produce their own bill to avert a fiscal nightmare when we needed congressional leadership. This is their inability to even organize themselves.

The second reason is their blatant disregard for American laws. Imagine how long an illegal immigrant or a goth teenager would be in jail for crashing through legal barricades around Washington, D.C., monuments. Their lack of respect for a legal law (Obamacare), tested by the U.S. Supreme Court, shows they also don’t respect the American democratic process.

The third reason is their willingness to take America’s economy hostage for their own ideological purposes. Sure, they symbolically oppose the freedom to burn the American flag. Yet they are willing to burn the good faith and credit of America on their ideological altar in front of the whole world.

Republicans are shortsighted when they find it reasonable to default on American credit/bonds. When they choose to default on their debt obligations, they are looking at hurting you. Stop electing people such as Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, and Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., who don’t have the best interest for Americans.



Keep ‘Parker’

An Opinion Line contributor expressed dislike for all the new cartoons in The Eagle. The person also advocated doing away with “Judge Parker,” saying it was obsolete and no one reads it.

I read it and like it. It’s the only cartoon that carries a seven-day theme.

The cartoon strip I would like eliminated is “Get Fuzzy.” I skip over it. Why not bring back the “Peanuts” strip?

I don’t like “Argyle Sweater” or “9-5.” Make “Dennis the Menace” a full weekly strip instead of just one block.



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