Letters to the editor on food stamps and abortion lawsuits

10/22/2013 12:00 AM

10/22/2013 10:04 AM

It’s wrong to cut food stamps

Columnist David Brooks said over the summer that he was prepared to write a scathing column decrying the increase in the demand for food stamps in this country, until he examined the facts. What Brooks found was a tremendous increase in the number of hungry people in this, the richest nation on Earth. The majority of those who receive food stamps are children, the elderly, the handicapped and the working poor. Knowing the facts, Brooks did not write that column but discussed his sad discovery of the increase in real hunger in our country.

It is fine to say the able-bodied should work, but I suggest those making those grandiose statements get out in the real world and give us a list of those mythical jobs, or list the job-training programs they say are available.

To those in the U.S. House of Representatives from Kansas who voted to cut off millions of hungry citizens from the minimal food help they receive: Shame on you. Some of you beat the drum and say we are a Christian nation. I say you are bearing false witness when you use your power to snatch food from the mouths of the hungry and call yourselves Christian.

In my Bible, Christ fed the hungry; he did not try to starve them.



Costs worth it

After reports from law enforcement officials and others about unsanitary and dangerous conditions at Kansas abortion clinics, the Legislature passed a clinic-licensing law to require abortion clinics to abide by the same regulations as other medical and surgical centers. This law was challenged by the abortion industry, and the state has hired private firms to help defend the laws.

I think it is worth every penny of the $913,000 spent so far by the state to protect women and to eliminate filthy and unsanitary conditions at abortion clinics (“Kan. abortion lawsuits cost near $1 million,” Oct. 15 Eagle).

The state is also defending the Legislature’s right to allocate funding where it sees fit. In this circumstance, the Legislature decided to prioritize funding to county health clinics, which do not perform abortions but provide a wide range of medical assistance to the public. The abortion industry is outraged.

I thank Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt for fighting for the people of Kansas, for protecting women, and for defending the Legislature’s constitutional right to send taxpayers’ money where it sees fit.


State development director

Kansans for Life



“KanCare worked well” (Oct. 19 Letters to the Editor) credited the wrong state agency. The letter writer’s praise was directed at the Kansas Department for Children and Families.

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