KanCare woes no surprise

10/17/2013 12:00 AM

10/16/2013 6:11 PM

There is much being heard about the problems with the KanCare privatized managed-care program (“KanCare system criticized in Topeka hearing,” Oct. 8 Eagle). Here is one more area of concern:

The medical office where I work recently received four denied KanCare claims. Only one of the four claims came from our office; the other three were by other doctors in other cities. Every claim had the individual’s name with complete demographic information. One of the claims had a “consent for sterilization” form stapled to it.

In all my years of working in the medical field, never have I seen such a blunder made by an insurance entity.

Was there no one who could read the names and addresses before mailing them out? Is there no concern about breaches of federal privacy laws?

When our office manager called the insurance entity’s KanCare office, she was blithely told that it mails out 1,000 of these denials every day, with the implication being it was not a big deal and mistakes do happen.

This is not the first clerical error – not to mention claims processing error – our office has experienced with KanCare. We have also received checks for doctors who were not at our clinic and were not even at the address of our professional building.

If an insurance entity cannot even send out mail properly, it is no surprise there is such a problem with claims processing. Gov. Sam Brownback has done a great disservice to the people of Kansas – and their hardworking physicians – with his new KanCare system.



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