Letters to the editor on career politicians, coal-plant emissions, bicyclists

10/17/2013 12:00 AM

10/16/2013 6:11 PM

Career politicians are the problem

The travesty of the federal government shutdown is that the politicians want us to believe they know what’s best – that they’re doing this for our own good. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s the career politicians who are the root of the problem.

Rather than furlough the “nonessential” federal workers, they should furlough themselves. But we know that will never happen.

Only in America can those elected to represent us act like self-centered children and get away with it.

This should be an eye-opener to all of us. They have made it crystal clear that they aren’t patriots. They don’t care about you, or me, the job they were voted to do, or the country.

What they care about is themselves, scoring points, and making the other party look bad. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle they’re on either; both sides do it.

Career politicians who have been in Washington, D.C., for more than two terms are just living off the taxpayer. They spend very little time working to solve real issues and are owned by big corporations and lobbyists. They are the problem.

Career politicians are not interested in helping solve problems, so let’s help them out and not re-elect them.



Energetic candidate

On Saturday I attended the Democrats’ annual ham and bean supper in Newton. Paul Davis, a candidate for governor, was the guest speaker. It was by far the largest crowd I’ve seen there. And not all of us were Democrats.

Davis is young, energetic and ready to help turn Kansas back around. He is a lawyer whose parents were both teachers, and he is committed to restoring our public education system. For the past few years he has been the Kansas House minority leader.

To learn more about this promising young man, go to davisforkansas.com.



Manage emissions

Regarding emissions from coal-fired power plants: I am not a scientist of any kind, but someone help me out here. These plants are not semitrucks cruising down I-35 blowing crud in our air. They’re stuck in one spot.

Why do we have to blow the emissions into the atmosphere?

I agree that emissions are dangerous, toxic and explosive if contained. But it can be done. Let’s quit trading punches and bring these emissions down to Earth to manage.



Be aware of cyclists

I’d like to echo “Watch out for bikes” (Oct. 12 Letters to the Editor), which pleaded with drivers to be aware of cyclists.

I live in the Indian Hills area, and I bike to work each morning down 13th Street. I stay on the sidewalk, since there’s no bike lane and that’s a high traffic time. Most motorists are very courteous and have even reversed when they realize they’re blocking my way on the cross streets.

However, I’ve nearly been hit 10 times in the past nine weeks when I get to 13th and McLean. I always use the crosswalk light, but people who are turning onto McLean (mostly those turning right) tend to whip right through the intersection without so much as a glance in my directions. Many times, it was only my slight hesitation that saved me from injury. Now I hesitate every time.

Being a cyclist has changed the way I drive. I only hope I can help change others as well.



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