Letters to the editor on KanCare, ACA, laid-off workers, airport name

10/14/2013 12:00 AM

10/11/2013 5:40 PM

Don’t privatize DD services

I returned to Wichita recently after moving away in 1982. During my time away, I lived in four other states, raised three children (one birth and two adopted), lost my husband to cancer, worked as an advocate for parents with children receiving special education services in Colorado, and was appointed to the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council.

One of the tremendous achievements during the mid-1990s was the transition of individuals with developmental disabilities from institutions back into their families, where they could receive supports and services in their least-restrictive environments. Some of the adults elected to live on their own or in group homes, and they were successful because they received the supports and services they needed.

Now we have an almost rabid movement toward privatizing everything. But there are some services that should not be privatized, and this is one. Government regulation and control are why this transition back into the family and community has been so successful. Without them, we risk losing all the progress that’s been made.

I speak not only as a former service provider, but also as the parent of a 27-year-old child with Down syndrome. I am her mother and legal guardian. As for KanCare: Thanks but no thanks.

I urge all people concerned with the future of citizens with disabilities to remember these issues when they vote.



ACA will cost

Columnist Davis Merritt believes Republicans are creating a train wreck with the government shutdown that has resulted from their effort to defund Obamacare (Oct. 3 Opinion). If we are faced with a train wreck, perhaps it would be best to leave the train parked at the station until the rails are regauged, the washouts filled and the bridges repaired.

During the past election, many Republicans asked voters to elect them with the promise that they would stop Obamacare. Now, Republicans in Congress are criticized for their attempt to defund Obamacare with the continuing resolution. But they really have no choice. There is no other vehicle at their disposal.

Merritt said the nation will survive, and the health care law along with it. This is probably true, just as sure as the debt will continue to skyrocket, due in no small part to the health care law. As wonderful as coverage is for pre-existing conditions and health care for young adults who have yet to fledge, this will cost more money, either from the policyholder or the taxpayer.

Now Congress has to raise the debt ceiling. Is there a point where this spend-and-raise cycle ends? If Republicans and Democrats don’t gain control over this spending, someone other than the United States may end the spend-and-raise for us.

I am a furloughed federal government employee. I don’t like not getting a paycheck, but I see this as simply collateral damage. I can’t help but paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s character, the Joker, in “Batman”: “This country needs an enema.”



No local deals?

The Wall Street Journal reported about businesses in Washington, D.C., giving special deals to furloughed government workers. I haven’t seen anything in The Eagle about laid-off (not furloughed) aircraft workers getting special deals from local businesses.


Bel Aire

Inclusive name

I have the solution to our dilemma over a new name for our airport. Why not “Keeper of the Planes”? Historically, it acknowledges our Native American heritage and our prominence in the field of aviation. For the future, it states the hoped-for result with the new facility, particularly for commercial aviation but maybe the air base, too. What could be more inclusive?



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