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October 12, 2013

Letters to the editor on GOP, Obamacare, ugly baseball stadium, bike lanes, fire prevention

“Professors not smart” (Oct. 5 Letters to the Editor) said that a professor from Emporia State University had jumped on The Eagle’s “get-Gov. Sam Brownback bandwagon.” Unfortunately, this bandwagon is coming, and The Eagle has nothing to do with it.

GOP must stand up to tea party

“Professors not smart” (Oct. 5 Letters to the Editor) said that a professor from Emporia State University had jumped on The Eagle’s “get-Gov. Sam Brownback bandwagon.” Unfortunately, this bandwagon is coming, and The Eagle has nothing to do with it.

As a voting member of the Republican Party, I cannot tell you the number of my Republican friends who are jumping on the bandwagon. The reason is our governor’s failed policies, including the bungled KanCare, his misguided tea party tax policy that benefits industry and leaves the middle class in the wake, and the witch hunt we have come to know as our ridiculous voter-ID legislation.

It seems to me that the Republican Party has become the party of shock and awe, the party of lies, and the party that lets a small faction control nearly every aspect of our views.

Republicans should let the Democrats control their own fate through their misguided views and their own lies, and stand up for truth and that which is just. We should govern with our brains and our hearts. However, until we stand up to the tea party, we will continue to govern with fear, lies, misguided half-truths and failed policies.


Valley Center

Premiums will rise

With the recent launch of Obamacare, we are certainly seeing the future of government-run health care. There have been hundreds of “glitches,” including delays, website problems, verification issues and more.

And the implementation of this health-insurance system surely will cost us more than just higher taxes and more government spending.

This fall, many Kansans will see their insurance premiums increase in cost. Obamacare piles thousands of pages of rules and regulations upon the insurance market and requires insurance companies to provide a new, lengthy list of services. Unfortunately, these benefits don’t come without a cost, forcing all of us to pay more for health insurance.

Estimates suggest a 40-year-old male in Kansas will pay more than double to buy insurance next year – an incredible sum for hardworking Kansas families.

So as Washington, D.C., politicians try to cast blame for the premium increases that we will all see in the near future, we should remind them that the blame doesn’t fall on the “evil insurance companies,” but rather on the administration and those who voted for Obamacare.


Kansas state director

Americans for Prosperity


Need new stadium

Kudos to Eagle columnist Bob Lutz for his assessment of Wichita baseball in 2013 (Oct. 9 Sports). Yes, the ugly stadium at the beautiful location is the reason why attendance is poor at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, and any improvement awaits replacement of the monstrosity. Rapidly disappearing from the scene are those of us with warm memories of games at Lawrence Stadium.

A state-of-the-art facility is overdue. I nominate Lutz to spearhead this initiative.



Watch out for bikes

Too many times I have heard stories of bicyclists being run off the road by drivers. I myself have had close encounters with drivers stopping in the bike lane to turn right without taking notice that I, the cyclist, am still moving forward at a constant speed.

Last week my niece was riding her bicycle in the bike lane and ended up colliding with the curb because the driver of an SUV turning right decided to push her over until there was no more room. Luckily, she was mostly unharmed, save for a few scrapes and bruises. The potential was there, though, for her to be seriously injured or worse. If she hadn’t tried to aim her fall for the grass and had fallen to the other side, she would have been stuck between the curb and the SUV.

Our city has been working hard to make Wichita a more bicycle-friendly place, and, trust me, it has gotten better. But there is still a lot of room for improvement, beginning with driver education on how to drive safely around cyclists.

During the next decade, more and more bike lanes will be added around our city, and I hope to see more and more cyclists taking advantage of them. I also hope that more drivers will be more understanding and alert when driving with cyclists.



Help prevent fires

October is Fire Prevention Month. To assist the public in preventing fires, Wichita firefighters have developed a website as a resource. Wichitafiresafety.com has information about escape plans, smoke detectors, turkey fryers and live Christmas tree dangers. This site has an area for children to learn about fire safety as well.

Please take the time to review the information; the life you save could be yours or that of a loved one. Remember to change your batteries in your smoke detectors when you change your clocks.



Wichita Firefighters IAFF Local 135


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