Letters to the editor on mass shootings, police thanks

09/25/2013 12:00 AM

09/24/2013 5:35 PM

Shootings symptom of our problems

I listened to the memorial service for the victims of the Navy Yard massacre in Washington, D.C. Once again, guns were blamed for our problems. Once again, gun control was offered as a solution (Sept. 23 Eagle).

There are reasons for recent acts of violence, none of which is guns. The shooting was the result of the reasons.

America has serious problems. Shootings are a symptom, not the cause. Some of the causes are the destruction of the family unit, the lack of faith and core principles, the lack of caring for anyone other than oneself, and the lack of parenting, self-reliance and courage to stand up and say, “This person is a danger to others.”

Our nation could eliminate all guns and still have the problems. Violence in some form would still exist and be just as prevalent. These problems have always existed in our country, as in every country, but never in the unprecedented amounts of today. It is not a problem that can be solved quickly – if at all. We may have let it fester so long that there is no hope for the patient’s survival.



Help mentally ill

It’s not guns that are the problem. Mental illness is the problem.

Every mass shooter has had severe mental issues, and many tried unsuccessfully to get help. If President Obama wants to end mass shootings, he should do something now to help the mentally ill.



Thanks, police

As one of the people who had to “shelter in place” on Friday because a neighbor decided to barricade himself in his house (Sept. 22 Local & State), I wanted to thank the wonderful Wichita police officers and SWAT members for a job well done. I don’t know any of their names, but they were courteous and considerate during the nine-hour-plus ordeal.

I’m sure my husband was not the first person to be turned away when he returned from work, but an officer calmly explained that it simply wasn’t safe for him to enter the area. The officer was even nice enough to ask his superior if I could leave, but given my proximity to the standoff, that wasn’t possible.

Finally, as startling as it was to find two very well-armed SWAT guys at my back door politely requesting the use of my ladder to access a nearby roof, it did make me feel safer. And double thanks to whoever returned the ladder and made sure my back gates were closed so my dog wouldn’t wander off. It was probably after midnight, and everyone must have been tired by then.

So to all the law-enforcement personnel involved: Thank you.



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