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September 24, 2013

Letters to the editor on gun control, idiotic Congress, WSU enrollment

Regarding “Need more deadly weapons?” (Sept. 20 Letters to the Editor): The letter writer said he is a “dumb guy.” I think he is, too.

Need better mental health treatment

Regarding “Need more deadly weapons?” (Sept. 20 Letters to the Editor): The letter writer said he is a “dumb guy.” I think he is, too.

I am a National Rifle Association member, but I am not a “gun nut,” although I do have several firearms. I have had a concealed-carry permit since day one, but I rarely carry my small .22-caliber pistol. Don’t blame concealed-carry permit holders or guns in general for the mass shootings. It is evident that the men who do this stuff are all mentally ill.

Instead of attacking the NRA and responsible gun owners, we should take off our blinders and face the real issue, which is the deplorable lack of accessible mental health treatment. Sure, it is going to cost a lot of money, but how much are all those dead people worth?

Also, the continued murders by our street gangs should not be blamed on guns. This is another issue entirely based on poverty, collapse of the family support, and lack of jobs and even the most basic education.

I admit that I don’t have an easy solution to these issues, but letters such as “Need more deadly weapons?” cause more harm than good. Since I am 76 years old, I admit to being a dinosaur, and I find the current state of national affairs disgusting.



Another question

The writer of “Wild West days” (Sept. 20 Letters to the Editor) asked: “Should we go back to the Wild West days, when everyone can carry a gun and we have shoot-outs, or duels, when there are disagreements?”

I would like to suggest another question: Do you think the murder and robbery counts would go down if thugs knew each of us was carrying a weapon?



Crop of idiots

I am so ashamed that I voted in the election that put the current crop of idiots into office. This Congress has set records for being the most stupid, immature and ridiculous group of politicians.

Boy, did America get it wrong.



Too aggressive

I beg to differ on Wichita State University president John Bardo’s extremely aggressive goal of increasing WSU enrollment to the lofty high mark of 22,000 students (“WSU hires recruiting firm to raise enrollment,” Sept. 18 Eagle). I believe WSU is likely to fall short of such a high mark in the current economic and educational environment. My major additional concerns include the lack of a WSU football program, the stiff competition from other educational institutions, and the decision not to use talented WSU professors with marketing backgrounds.



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