Letters to the editor on Freedom Week, WSU recruitment, dialysis, Major Astro, abortion, mammograms

09/21/2013 12:00 AM

09/20/2013 4:45 PM

Students should study Constitution

I agree with evangelical Christians who pushed for a Celebrate Freedom Week in schools. Although schools already teach the Constitution, these concerned citizens wanted to assure that it is clearly understood and that the religious opinions of the Founding Fathers are not “censored.”

I also think the Constitution should be taught in detail to students. The writings of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Paine, among others, should be examined.

The men who drafted the Constitution were free thinkers, atheists, agnostics or held one of several varieties of religious beliefs. Their intent was to not exclude anyone on the basis of religious belief. Had there been Muslims in the Colonies at that time, their ideas no doubt would have been included as well.

By all means, our children should be taught these various opinions in order to get the full picture. None of them should be censored. However, I don’t think that this educational content is what the Celebrate Freedom Week proponents really meant. Many of them likely aren’t aware of the actual wording of the Constitution, in which the words “God” and “Christian” do not appear, or of the philosophies that contributed to the construction of this awesome document.

Our great nation will certainly be strengthened when its citizens understand more fully the history behind the drafting of the Constitution and the true intent of the Founding Fathers.



Redirect $700,000

It was pretty ironic that on the same day The Eagle reported on Wichita State University hiring a student-recruiting firm for $700,000 per year to increase enrollment (Sept. 18 Eagle), a letter writer wrote about her disappointment with the cancellation of the Dean’s Scholars program at WSU (“Made WSU special,” Sept. 18 Letters to the Editor). The letter said that “many students who were not chosen for the scholarship still chose to attend WSU because the program gave them the opportunity to explore WSU.”

Perhaps the recruiting firm could take a tip from this former student. Better yet, perhaps WSU could save $700,000 and use it for scholarships to increase enrollment at WSU. Just a thought.



Happy orbits

Tom Leahy Jr.’s character Major Astro was a big part of a lot of kids’ TV-watching pleasure, including mine. The show was very fun and entertaining for many years. So it was great to see that the Kansas Museum of History in Topeka was given some items from the “Major Astro” show for fans and future generations to see (Sept. 16 Local & State).

I am sure he is somewhere smiling and saying, “Hey, that is A-OK.”



Don’t fine for dialysis

There are people in Wichita who have dialysis machines in their homes and who are trained in home hemodialysis. These machines use a lot of water.

We should not be fined $1,000 for water overuse. City officials should consider this before they implement the water-management plan.



Committed to life?

I was deeply disappointed to view the advertisement of Via Christi Health’s sponsorship for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. Via Christi was founded by Catholics devoted to saving lives. Although its Catholic identity has weakened through the years, many health care professionals in this alliance continue to hold that life is sacred from conception until natural death. Via Christi’s alliance with Susan G. Komen for the Cure casts severe doubt on its corporate commitment to life.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure has continued to fund breast-cancer screenings and education programs at Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. Isn’t this a dichotomous relationship – a commitment to saving women’s lives and, at the same time, promotion of an organization that destroys the lives of baby boys and girls?



Tell the truth

About 40 percent of women have dense breasts, and their mammograms can be read correctly only about 50 percent of the time. Not good odds, eh? Kansas needs to join the other 12 states that have passed the Breast Density Notification and Awareness Act. Women often are not told of their breast density – all they receive is their happy-gram report in the mail. This is not enough to save lives. For more information and to get involved, visit the websites areyoudenseadvocacy.org and areyoudense.org and become a friend on Facebook. The truth needs to be told, and it is an injustice to not reveal this to each and every woman.



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