Letters to the editor on renaming airport, jury duty, WSU Dean’s Scholars

09/18/2013 12:00 AM

09/17/2013 5:24 PM

Name new airport after Eisenhower

We support the petition to change the name of the airport from Wichita Mid-Continent to Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower International Airport (“Rename new airport?” Aug. 30 Eagle Editorial). Though a change would involve some expense, consider the importance of an airport as a gateway, the first impression of the place where it is located. We have an opportunity to have it reflect more substance and meaning by invoking the name of Eisenhower, rather than the vague and inaccurate “Mid-Continent.”

Mid-Continent, the name we took for our airport in the 1970s, is a hand-me-down from Kansas City, Mo., when its airport took a new name. What does that name even say about us except we are somewhere in the middle? “Middle” doesn’t suggest excellence, only position. Is our relevance our position as a flyover spot between Los Angeles and New York City?

The name Eisenhower is synonymous with leadership. The current airport was dedicated when Ike was in office, in 1954. With his leadership, the interstate highway system was created. He arguably did more for transportation than any single president.

Let’s say something meaningful about the importance of Wichita and Kansas by naming our new airport after the Kansan who became our 34th president.



Jury duty positive

I recently had the opportunity to serve on a jury in Sedgwick County District Court Judge Terry Pullman’s courtroom. Though it was a difficult case, the professionalism of the judge, prosecutors and defense attorney made it a very positive experience.

I was reminded that it is our duty in a free society to respond positively to a jury summons. We all believe that, when accused, we have a right to a fair trial before a jury of our peers. For the system to work, citizens must be ready to serve when called.

I enjoyed the experience and the opportunity to get to know 11 other very interesting jurors.



Made WSU special

I was very disappointed to hear about the cancellation of the Dean’s Scholars program at Wichita State University. As a student during the first year of the program, I saw the program grow from a mere 26 students to the current nomination pool of about 1,200. It is absolutely amazing how much buzz this program has created for WSU. Many students who were not chosen for the scholarship still chose to attend WSU because the program gave them the opportunity to explore WSU.

Many Wichita high school students blow off WSU as a candidate for their college career because they take it for granted. They grow up around WSU, so they assume that it’s nothing special. But it is – and this program made it even more special. I never saw or heard of another scholarship program so active in connecting students’ interests with the many activities, organizations and degrees at WSU.

WSU president John Bardo has his work cut out for him if he wants to keep up the momentum created by this scholarship program.


Savannah, Ga.

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