Letters to the editor on cost of living, Syria

09/10/2013 12:00 AM

09/09/2013 5:16 PM

Have you felt poorer lately?

The government consumer price index is based 41 percent on housing, 15 percent on food and 5 percent on gas as the three major costs in your life. An alternative price index that tracks goods frequently used by consumers (not including housing) is the everyday price index, which is tracked by the American Institute for Economic Research.

From January 2009 to August 2013, the EPI increased 22 percent. The CPI increased about 11 percent in the same period. According to Shadow Government Statistics, calculating the CPI the way it was done in the 1980s (before several politically convenient changes) shows inflation running just under 10 percent per year, which would be nearly 40 percent since 2009. How does that make you feel?

Unless you get regular and sizable income increases, you are rapidly falling behind – even by the government’s understated CPI numbers. And with zero interest earnings on your savings, you may face a personal financial collapse, making you totally dependent on the very ones who brought this harm on you: those in Washington, D.C.

The sad thing is that your elected representatives know all this very well, and they know what to do about it. But they do not act, because making you poorer by inflation is now Washington’s stated strategy. You owe it to yourself to understand why they want to do this to you, then draw your own conclusions and act accordingly.



Syria no threat

President Obama, after his election, engaged in a strutting pretense of knowing about international affairs. His knowledge is based on his experience as a community organizer in Chicago.

He threatens Syria with a “shot across the bow.” He gave a detailed briefing, so Syrian President Bashar Assad knows about the coming air attack. As a survivor of combat in World War II, I’m glad that Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower didn’t tell Adolf Hitler where we would attack at 6:30 a.m. June 6, 1944.

Syria doesn’t threaten the United States. It is Iran that Obama should be thinking about. A nuclear Iran can threaten Israel and Europe. It can hold much of the world’s oil hostage.

Instead, our president is looking at Syria to save himself political embarrassment. That is not the act of a statesman. It’s the act of a scheming career politician.


Bel Aire

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