Letters to the editor on minimum wage, Obamacare

08/14/2013 12:00 AM

08/13/2013 5:14 PM

Disconnected from economic reality

Regarding “Koch disconnected from working class” (Aug. 8 Letters to the Editor): Charles Koch is not disconnected from the working class. Rather, the letter writer seems to be disconnected from economic reality.

Two quick points: If solving the issue of poverty were as simple as establishing a minimum wage, poverty would have disappeared decades ago when it was enacted. And how selfish of us to set a minimum wage as low as it is. Why not $50 an hour? This would instantly assure everyone of a great standard of living, would it not?

The minimum wage creates one benefit. It gives those of a liberal mindset a false sense of having done something to lift up those “less fortunate.” You cannot artificially manipulate a free-market economy by mandating a factor in the equation that establishes prices (wages). The market will simply react by adjusting other parts of the equation – either raising prices, cutting working hours or reducing the labor force. The good intent may actually cost the intended beneficiary his job.

Furthermore, the jobs affected by the minimum wage were never intended to be careers. They are entry-level positions for students, or second incomes to supplement the main wage earner and are, or certainly should be, temporary in nature.



Consult a doctor

Four years ago, many people “knew” the president was a foreign-born Muslim socialist. It was even more widely “known” that Obamacare created death panels that would vote to decide whether or not the seriously ill elderly would be allowed to live. Many “knew” that Obamacare was unconstitutional. Among many others, the U.S. Supreme Court did not agree.

Today, some are not suffering or have not died because of Obamacare. As we move into 2014, more and more citizens will learn of the benefits of Obamacare as those benefits increase. It may be improved, but it will not be repealed. For generations to come, Americans will understand that the Affordable Care Act will be among the greatest achievements of any president.

In the coming months there will be a loudly stated effort in Congress to defund Obamacare, though impossible legally, and to threaten to shut down the government if that effort fails. I think this level of ignorance is gradually decreasing. I think those who “know” those ridiculous things should consult a qualified doctor. Perhaps they could afford treatment via Obamacare.



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