Letters to the editor on ‘stand your ground,’ ignorant voters, GOP attacks, help in storm

07/26/2013 12:00 AM

07/25/2013 5:16 PM

If losing fight, shoot the other guy?

Here’s a new “stand your ground” rule: If you’re in a fight and you’re losing, shoot the other guy. He’s obviously trying to kill you. You can say it was self-defense and be acquitted. By the way, scratch your head a couple times.



Lost all faith

I’ve lost all faith in the American people to responsibly govern themselves. I don’t think any communication, regardless of the source, that voices reason and rationality will truly make a difference in the end. The past two elections have proved that the voting majority acts out of an emotion-driven, willful ignorance of reality.

Call me a pessimist, but I believe the state of the union will progressively grow worse until the great experiment in freedom called America is decimated both morally and financially. The perceived virtues espoused by liberals (tolerance, diversity, inclusion and moral relativism) are nothing more than weapons of mass destruction in the hands of tyrants and bigots.

So why do I bother writing letters to the editor? I think I must be a deluded fool.



GOP attacks

I cannot believe the GOP attacks on women, the middle class, the poor, workers, the elderly and education.

Women are about 51 percent of our population. About 15 percent of us live in poverty. Income inequality continues to grow. Education of the poor has become a “burden” of the wealthy.

The current situation makes certain that those in the middle class remain middle class, or are reduced to being poor with little hope of bettering themselves. As our property values decline, we face the burden of increased property taxes and decreased Social Security.

Who is going to vote for the Republicans?



Help in storm

A heartfelt “thank you” to an unknown lady who saw my son sitting with his bicycle on a curb on Oliver just north of Derby on Tuesday night as the storm hit. My adult son is a long-distance bike rider and had ridden to the Derby/Mulvane area earlier that evening. He was trying to reach home ahead of the storm, but the wind came up and he was unable to ride against the wind and rain.

This lady packed his bicycle into her vehicle and took him back to the Kwik Shop at Patriot and Buckner. The staff then called me to come and get him, and were so kind as to keep his bicycle inside the store until he could pick it up Wednesday morning.

I was a bit worried about him, though I knew he would seek shelter from the lightning and rain, but I am so thankful that someone saw him in trouble and went through the time and discomfort in the rain (and with lightning all around) to get him to safety. Thanks also to Kwik Shop staff for calling me and being so gracious in making sure that he would get home in fine shape.

Neighbors helping neighbors – it’s what’s good about America.



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