Letters to the editor on Paula Deen, abortion, government cutbacks

07/02/2013 12:00 AM

07/01/2013 6:09 PM

Deen punishment doesn’t fit crime

If ever the axiom “the punishment doesn’t fit the crime” were applicable, it is to the reaction of some corporate sponsors to the revelation by Paula Deen that in the past she used “racial slurs.”

I’m a son of the South, raised in Louisville, Ky. Sadly, we all used racial slurs, including the N-word. I’m ashamed that I was so frightened and ignorant.

Thankfully, through most of my 80 years I corrected my racial stupidity and saw my fellow Americans, of whatever color, as sisters and brothers. My family now includes a wonderful biracial family that has enriched all of us. But I admit there was a time when I said things I now wish I hadn’t.

I know very little about Deen. When I did catch a glimpse of her, she just seemed an engaging and vivacious Southern lady who knew how to cook good food and teach others to do the same. That she reflected her roots and at one time spoke a common dialect that we’ve come to know is wrong and cruel does not justify such an unjust response from self-righteous corporate executives whose pasts most likely include habits they now regret.



Social disgrace

It is with deep regret and sadness that I am witnessing a nation so disposed on giving imagined rights of every kind to every segment of society, of preaching tolerance and of worrying about the least little perceived sense of someone being “offended,” yet it grossly offends and destroys the most innocent of life, the unborn children, through hideous destruction by abortion. The innocent unborn should have the same inalienable right to life, and be recognized as either indigent unborn children or as children in need of care requiring legal representation, as indigents already born into this world. But, no, that would be politically incorrect.

We have reached the epitome of hypocrisy by the latest of the U.S. Supreme Court rulings that no longer recognize the Constitution nor the truth of what society and this country were founded upon. The Supreme Court has now thoroughly reduced itself and fallen to the whims of every form of accepting falsehood and indecency. How can we have any respect for the entity that leads us downward into such social disgrace?



Like it now?

Well, Wichitans, how do you like smaller government and fewer taxes today? Did someone leave a filthy mattress in your alley? That’s your problem now. Dead tree limbs on the public strip near your property? Wait a year or more for city workers to take care of them – cutbacks, you know. Remember those city street-cleaner machines rumbling down your street, putting down a fine, wet spray to control the dust in windy Wichita? Haven’t seen one all year.

I’ve got an old axiom with a twist to cover this situation: We deserve the government we get when most of us don’t vote and many who do vote want to get government out of our lives.



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