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06/27/2013 12:00 AM

06/26/2013 6:18 PM

Medicare changes hurt seniors

I worry about how changes to Medicare will affect those who are retiring. This is becoming an all-too-common problem: You turn 65, sign up for Medicare, and then find out that the doctor you’ve been seeing for the past 30 years doesn’t accept Medicare patients. What do you do?

Primary-care doctors are in such demand that they can pick and choose the patients they will see. And with Medicare increasingly cutting doctors’ payments, more and more doctors are choosing not to see Medicare patients.

Something needs to be done. Most people are forced to opt into Medicare and don’t have a choice. I can’t help but think that forcing members of Congress to use Medicare would make things a whole lot better a whole lot faster.



Divided country

I’ve never read a more factual and inspirational letter than “Remember those who gave us nation” (June 16 Letters to the Editor). It should not be offensive to any true, loving, patriotic American. If you missed it, I suggest you go to The Eagle’s office, 825 E. Douglas, and purchase a copy of the newspaper.

I’m inching closer to being nine decades old. During that time I observed America rise to its pinnacle in 1945 when Americans were all for one and one for all. A three-class society? Yes, and we citizens loved one another for what we were – fellow Americans.

Now America is faced with even greater problems than ever before. Division after division is destroying this great nation from within. And who is behind this division today? Those politicians and their friends in the media who attack the rich for being rich and corporations for being corporations while whispering sweet somethings to our apathetic middle class.

The American house is about to collapse, leaving us with a two-class society: the rulers and the ruled. You won’t like it. Beware, beware, beware.



Distorting Islam

Leaders of Islamic radical fundamentalism have taught their followers, including the Boston bombers, that earning favor with God is the reward for their terrorist attacks around the world. In my opinion, it is inherently evil for any person to believe he can earn favor with God by killing innocent people. I understand most Muslims agree with me on this.

I am a Christian, and I know I live in a glass house. It’s not my place to proclaim a “correct” interpretation of the Islamic scriptures in order to counter their misuse by terrorists. That is the place of teachers of Islam.

Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, is right to ask Islamic leaders to be more vocal in denouncing acts of terrorism done in the name of their faith (“Pompeo’s claim about Muslim leaders ‘irresponsible,’” June 16 WE Blog excerpts). I support the congressman’s call for American imams to boldly correct specific distortions of their faith made by the terrorists. Such actions would surely address a root cause of terrorism.


Rose Hill

Move Block Party

The Wichita River Festival is over, and the financials look good. It is time to take a look at improvements for next year.

The first should be moving Wednesday’s Block Party to Delano. Four stages competing for sound supremacy in one area (WaterWalk) is no way to hear music. And the low attendance confirms this.

The Block Party took over from the Old Town party, which was one of the highlights of the festival in the 1990s. Old Town was new, and bringing people in was desirable. Compared with then, today’s event is disappointing. A Delano block party (using real blocks of streets) would separate the bands and people and would tie in to the city’s early heritage. Look at the St. Patrick’s Day parade held in Delano – very successful. Now is the time to get things done.



First-class event

I want to extend a big “thank you” to the city of Wichita for hosting the Air Capital Classic golf tournament. This is a first-class event that the players look forward to every year. The community makes us all feel so welcome. I really appreciate the respect, support and hospitality you give all the golfers who come to this great event.

I am honored to be the 2013 Air Capital Classic champion. I wouldn’t change one thing about the event or the course conditions at Crestview Country Club – and, of course, the 17th hole.


Augusta, Ga.

Compassionate help

On June 15 I fell and smashed my face in front of the Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview. An off-duty firefighter saw me on the sidewalk and came to my aid. Besides offering physical help, he was so compassionate. To top it off, the ambulance didn’t need any more information from me. The firefighter had given them all the necessary information.

In all the confusion, we did not get the firefighter’s name, but we so appreciate that he took his personal time to help us on a Saturday evening. It wasn’t the best way to celebrate a 50th anniversary, but his actions certainly make us feel good about Wichita.



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