Letters to the editor on DMV waits, Mueller sale, illegal immigration, ego trips, NSA

06/26/2013 12:00 AM

06/25/2013 6:21 PM

Demand end to long DMV waits

Every once in a while The Eagle publishes another story about some poor taxpayer who spent six hours or more renewing his driver’s license. What is mind-boggling to me is that the citizens of Kansas are putting up with this absurdity. You should be able to make an appointment, show up at the appropriate time and finish your business within 30 minutes.

I know it can be done. I’m from California, and over the past 20 years it has never taken me more than 30 minutes to renew a license or register a car. Most times you don’t even need to go to a Department of Motor Vehicles office. If you have no moving violations or accidents, you can renew it twice by mail. Keep in mind that the city of Los Angeles alone has more people than the entire state of Kansas, and many of them don’t speak English.

If California can do it, why can’t Kansas? It really isn’t that difficult.

The governor should call in those in charge of this mess and tell them they have three months to reduce the wait time to 30 minutes or less and that if they can’t do it, they will be replaced. Repeat as necessary until the problem is fixed.

But instead of fixing a broken system, Kansas layered another system on top (the QLess wait line management system), which apparently doesn’t work any better. It’s time to stop accepting excuses and start demanding solutions.



Sale smells

“Mueller building may go to different buyer” (June 23 Local & State) was a classic, yet clear, example of how our local government is completely out of touch with the reality that most of us live with daily.

I commend Eagle reporter Rick Plumlee for his straightforward writing of the article, facts presented and timeline of events. Unfortunately, he did not elaborate on the appalling series of events that got the “sale” of the former Mueller Elementary School to this point. Really? Sedgwick County appraisers were off by 78 percent? Oh, sure, they explain away the difference by events and time. Could we look at the situation as it is realistically? A school built in 1952? A buyer who doesn’t do his homework before bidding?

I hope the group that is now purchasing the school can utilize it fully as intended. Unfortunately, I suspect the smell emanating from this deal is not some old books.


El Dorado

Support Kobach

There sure are a lot of organizations that choose to ignore or are ignorant about who is entering the country illegally. The notion that everyone entering the country illegally is just trying to live the American dream is not true. Why defend those who are willing to break the law and are unwilling to try to fix the problems in their own country?

I support men like Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach because he seems to be the only one in Kansas government who understands this. Why do the organizations that support illegal immigrants never mention that 26 border agents have been murdered since 2002, and that there are Mexican drug gangs all over the country, including in Kansas? Illegal immigrants are costing jobs and increasing health and education costs. And in many cases, they pay no state or federal income taxes.



Ego trips

As are many politicians, Gov. Sam Brownback, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and and Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler, are egomanics, and putting their pictures in The Eagle each time a snippet is published about them simply encourages their behavior. I hope the next election will put an end to their present ego trip.



Hurting ourselves

The revelation that data about our phone calls and e-mails have long been collected by the government reminds me of a story by the late columnist Molly Ivins about her friend and fellow Texan, the journalist John Henry Faulk.

When he was a boy on the farm, Faulk’s mother sent him and a playmate down to the henhouse to remove the chicken snake that was living there. When the boys came face to face with the snake, they screamed and panicked and did great damage to themselves and the henhouse in a mad dash to get out. When the boys told her what had happened, she said, “You know perfectly well a chicken snake cannot hurt you.” One of the children replied, “Yes, ma’am, but there’s some things’ll scare you so bad, you hurt yourself.”

This is so often the way in America. Be it communists, Islam, drugs, illegal aliens, gay rights, voting rights, women’s rights, etc., we are so scared that we think we can make ourselves more safe by making ourselves less free. Over and over, we do not make ourselves more safe, we make ourselves less free.

I suppose one could say those who live in a police state are “safe.” America should be better than that.



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