Letters to the editor on Kobach protests, Gabel falsehoods, Pompeo speech, Air Capital Classic

06/24/2013 12:00 AM

06/21/2013 5:35 PM

Why we went to Kobach’s house

We went to the public demonstration at Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach’s home/office on June 15 with more than 100 others to demonstrate our opposition to Kobach’s anti-immigration stance (June 18 Local & State). We traveled on school buses with four other members of our church and with people from all over Wichita and the state. We were white, brown and black. We were young and old. We were Catholic, Protestant and of many other faiths.

We went nonviolently, holding signs, standing in the rain. We went wanting to communicate with Kobach. We hoped he would talk with us, not against us.

We went to stand up for justice for those who want the opportunity to be citizens of this country, as Kobach’s and our ancestors did many years ago.




Need to speak out

If anyone was irresponsible regarding the recent speech by U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, on the need for Muslim religious leaders to consistently and forcefully stand up against terrorism, it was The Eagle editorial board (“Pompeo’s claim about Muslim leaders ‘irresponsible,’” June 16 WE Blog excerpts). Instead of quoting from a letter that the Council on American-Islamic Relations sent to Pompeo, the editorial board should have seen that the congressman had a thoughtful, reasoned argument that Muslim spiritual leaders have a responsibility to speak out. It’s not about some lobbyist group issuing an English-language press release, it’s about the thousands of Arabic-language sermons in mosques around the world.

Pompeo is taking on a sensitive topic that a lot of people are thinking about but do not have the backbone to verbalize. He should be applauded, not derided by the editorial board.



Flow of falsehoods

Regarding the editorial in Craig Gabel’s Wichita Post newspaper about the Wichita City Council stating that “maybe even a shoot-on-sight order would be advisable” (“Police to send DA editorial report,” June 18 Local & State): Council member Jeff Blubaugh said he didn’t feel threatened by the remark. Let me tell you why he likely felt that way.

During the District 4 City Council primary earlier this year, Blubaugh, Gabel and Josh Blick were the candidates. Blick received the most votes, and Blubaugh came in second. Having not advanced, Gabel then turned on Blick.

What followed in the general election was a constant flow of falsehoods, innuendos and character assassinations against Blick. This was done through the Wichita Post. Many people who received this trash thought it came from The Eagle and believed the falsehoods were true.

There was never any criticism of Blubaugh. Blick and District 3 council member James Clendenin were Gabel’s targets.

Adding insult to his injury, Blick’s home and car were vandalized before the election.

Blick is a very honest, honorable, decent Christian man. He has worked in entirely volunteer positions that have benefited District 4. If it were not for the total hatred directed at him, Blick would be on the City Council.



No complaints

Having been a volunteer on the 17th hole at the Air Capital Classic for eight years, I want to thank everyone for their behavior on 17. We have never had one complaint or security issue.

The golfers never complain, because they love the atmosphere of 17 and expect it to be bigger and better every year. We serve more than 11,000 meals during the tournament with 100 volunteers monitoring skyboxes. The only problem we’ve had is running out of ice cream.

It’s great to be a part of the best event in Wichita.



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