Letters to the editor on DMV, Islamic leaders, WSU dorm, care for disabled, celebrate abilities

06/20/2013 12:00 AM

06/19/2013 5:37 PM

Wasting time at Wichita DMV

Last week, my wife went to the Twin Lakes office of the Kansas Department of Revenue’s Division of Vehicles to have her driver’s license renewed. When we arrived at 8:30 a.m., she went to the wall-mounted monitor and made some self-prompting entries, and the system kicked out a queuing ticket with a computer-generated wait time of three hours and four minutes. The waiting room was already full.

Initially, we sat down to begin the wait, but with the thought of wasting all of that time, we decided to leave, run some errands and return in sufficient time so as to not miss her appointed time slot. Upon returning to the office at 10:25 a.m., we checked the monitors at the front of the room, only to learn that my wife’s wait time was now three hours and 40 minutes.

Not wanting to waste more time, we left the office again, this time to run another errand and go home for lunch. After lunch we arrived back at the office at 1:15 p.m. By this time, the renewal system had whittled my wife’s wait time to one hour and 15 minutes. We finally “hit pay dirt” when her ticket number was called at exactly 2:33 p.m.

The bottom line is that my wife waited six hours for a renewal process that took only 10 minutes.



Failed to condemn

U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, is a former soldier who continues to try to protect Americans from terrorist attacks in the United States. Two facts are beyond dispute: that nearly all of the terror acts in the United States over the past two decades have been committed in the name of Islam, and that Islamic leaders have failed to take to the mosques and madrassas to condemn those attacks more than just a couple of dozen times.

It really says something when a congressman states a clear fact and The Eagle editorial board rushes to attack him without regard for the truth (“Pompeo’s claim about Muslim leaders ‘irresponsible,’” June 16 WE Blog excerpts). The Council on American-Islamic Relations knows this, too, and it aims to silence all criticism. Sad to know that the editorial board is willing to help it.

Thank you, Rep. Pompeo, for your clarity and courage.



Enhance WSU

I am a little baffled by people’s resistance to the Rhatigan Student Center and residence hall construction going on at Wichita State University. People seem to be very content to allow Wichita State to continue to have to fight its undeserved “commuter school” image. I don’t really know why people would want that.

Wichita State is one of the premier engineering schools in the nation. I can name CEOs who got degrees from WSU and companies that were started there. WSU education majors fill the Wichita and suburban school districts. Graduates of WSU’s nursing and physician assistant programs are everywhere in Wichita’s health care system. Why would anyone not want to continue making the school a more attractive option to students?

I was heavily recruited from multiple universities, and I chose Wichita State. I want to see more people like me do the same, and the new residence hall, the RSC renovation, and continuing student life improvements will only help that cause.



More runaround

This is an update on my letter “Losing benefits,” about my daughter who is mentally and physically disabled (May 17 Letters to the Editor).

I have since learned that waivers or exceptions were given to some people in the same classification as my daughter. We asked various agencies but were not given any help. We also have asked and not received a response from any of our legislators. We contacted the Governor’s Office and were informed that it was not KanCare’s decision.

Then whose decision was it? United Healthcare’s? Its employees always tell us it was someone else. Maybe it was the person behind the tree.

Disabled people should be given the help they need.



Celebrate abilities

I want to give a quick “thank you” to the Wichita River Festival this year for creating and implementing the Celebrate Abilities event, sponsored by Envision, on June 4. I am the executive director for Laughing Feet Performers, which is a special-needs theater company. The River Festival was kind enough to invite us to perform, and I can’t tell you the joy my performers feel in performing and having ordinary opportunities that most take for granted.

To sing and dance on a stage with lights and sounds and microphones to cheering crowds lets my performers know that anything is possible.

We appreciated having handicapped parking close by, handicapped porta-potties and ramps for ease to help us get around the grounds for different events. Vendors and other participants were all so friendly. It made me proud to be a part of a city that celebrates and embraces the notion that we are all special, unique and individuals but valued for who we are on the inside, not what we can or can’t do on the outside.

Thank you for letting my kids hear that applause and know they are worth it.



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