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June 19, 2013

Letters to the editor on grass length, parking meters, life at fertilization, Obama, Obama haters

Perhaps now would be a good time for me to explain to my neighbors and those who drive down my street that I let my grass grow and get shaggy when it’s hot. Grass is hardier if it isn’t clipped to the nth degree.

Let your grass grow longer

Perhaps now would be a good time for me to explain to my neighbors and those who drive down my street that I let my grass grow and get shaggy when it’s hot. Grass is hardier if it isn’t clipped to the nth degree.

Although I have fescue (it grows well in the shade), I do not have to water frequently because I leave it long. Also, long grass inhibits the sprouting of new weeds.

It is time that we took a good look at our values. What is more important – a lawn that is flawless (according to suburban standards) or having enough water for, let’s say, next year?



Un-bag meters

Music Theatre of Wichita’s first show of the season, “Spamalot,” was definitely a hit and a must-see. Thursday night’s performance was energetic and funny. Wichita was privileged to get the rights to this show, and the cast and crew did an enormously wonderful job.

The parking situation, however, needs some attention by our Wichita City Council (“Parking payment system disappoints,” June 15 Business Today). Un-bag the meters and go back to the old way of meter feeding. Thursday’s performance was delayed because of audience members’ lateness, and that is just not right in so many ways. Our performers deserve better.

What was the city thinking when it decided on this idea, which is obviously not bright?



Crucial concept

The Legislature passed a law declaring that life begins at fertilization. This fails to recognize a crucial concept already embedded in Kansas law – the concept of brain death.

Brain-dead humans are biologically alive, but that human biological life is not worth preserving. It may be disconnected from life support and allowed to biologically die. This is to say that the brain-dead lack that which gives human life its intrinsic value: our unique conceptual abilities. So, in a sense, there is biological human life and conceptual human life.

The type of human life that begins at fertilization is biological human life. Conceptual human life, the source of human value, develops slowly over time. Exactly when, and to what degree, this development should be taken into account is a matter of dispute.

There is also a vibrant debate about the morality of abortion. It is an abuse of legislative power to attempt to “settle” that debate by legal fiat. This is especially so because most legislators based their vote on their denominational religious views.

The real question is: At what stage of development, and to what extent at that stage, should moral weight be given to the developing human entity? Since fertilization is only the beginning of biological life, fertilization is unlikely to be that point.



Not up to job

Man has watched leaders rise, make sweeping promises and guarantee great reforms, only to see them end in sad collapse. Power breeds tyranny, and greatness degenerates into cruelty. Laws have been made not to govern but to bind victims in slavery.

Former Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod spoke volumes about what he thinks of President Obama’s competency. He said that there is so much beneath a president that it is impossible to know everything, because the government is so vast.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI admitted that he no longer had the mental or physical capacity to do his job. Obama should admit that he can’t fulfill his job and resign.


Bel Aire

Time to impeach

There has never been a successful impeachment of an American head of state. It is time there was.

Our country was founded – at least in theory – on Christian principles by men who believed in God and tried to follow His laws. The current government has departed so far from God as to be compared to Sodom and Gomorrah. Do you remember what happened there?

But nobody dares suggest impeachment. Why not?


El Dorado

Trying to destroy

For almost five years now, GOP officials have done nothing – and I mean nothing – but try to destroy President Obama, simply because he is African-American.

It started on day one of his presidency with the birther movement, which some still cannot let go of, even after all the proof that has been shown. After that, you name it – anything and everything has been thrown at him, hoping something would stick.

After five years, most intelligent people would give up. But, no, not when the hate is so great that it makes them even more determined and obsessed. They have said “no” to everything that Obama has tried to accomplish, even some of the things that were GOP ideas at one time.

Now these obsessed officials are talking impeachment and jail time, even though they still cannot prove any wrongdoing. This borders on treason, as they are betraying our leader and our country.

Our budget deficit is declining even more than projected, and jobs are up. So far Obamacare is proving to be what this country has needed for years. The stock market is going through the roof. What is wrong with this picture?

Just think how much more the president could have accomplished if he could have had two hands to work with. Shame, shame, shame.



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